Thinkery21 is our evening series exclusively for adults 21 and up. Experience innovative exhibits, live demonstrations, hands-on activities and more, depending on each night’s program. Grab a drink and mingle with makers, scientists, artists, and other interesting folks.

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“Back to School”
Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014, 7 pm

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Summer’s almost over, so time to sharpen the pencils and hit the books, Thinkery21 style!

  • Start your night in our School Picture Photobooth, with fun, 80s-style backdrops and props.
  • Get ready to get Mortified with awkward childhood memories! Mortified Live will be joining us! Mortified is a grassroots series of events where adults share their childhood writings/art/media in front of total strangers.
  • Go on a “field trip” in our Spark Yard to The SHOW on the Road, a climate controlled, fully functioning contemporary mobile art gallery, bringing art to the streets and the people of Austin, Texas.
  • Extracurricular time with ATX Hackerspace! Join Science Club as ATX Hackerspace’s Andrew Darling leads an echolocatioon project, where we find our “Inner Hackbat” through custom beeper circuits to outline objects with sound. Then hit Music class as Matt Steinke shows off his robotic instrumentation.
  • Join us at recess for a variety of playground games (foursquare, hop scotch, jumprope)
  • Mixology 101: Learn how to make a craft cocktail in Kitchen Lab with expert mixologists from Contigo.
  • Short Bus Subs will be on site serving hot sandwiches to the masses in the most fun way possible, their school bus.
  • Cool off with shaved ice from Ice Ice Baby.
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Admission: Tickets are $15 per person ($13 for Members), $20 onsite ($18 for Members). Ticket includes 1 drink ticket.

Please note: Thinkery21 is for adults 21+ only.
There will be a cash bar (please bring cash as there’s not an ATM on site!).