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Spring Break & Summer Themes

Thinkery is excited to welcome young innovators (Pre-K–5th grade) to camp during spring break and summer 2017. Thinkery Camps are designed around unique themes that inspire campers to learn through having fun. Campers use science, technology, engineering, art and math (and their imaginations, of course!) to explore new concepts, solve challenges and develop critical learning skills.

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STEAM Themes

2017 Thinkery Camp | Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and Away

3, 2, 1, blast off! Join us for an exciting week of physical science exploration and experimentation that defies expectation—and gravity! Learn about the forces of flight while investigating the way things fling, float, fly and fall through the air. Prepare for takeoff, aspiring aviators—sky-high adventures await you.


How do things float? What is Earth’s atmosphere made of? How do birds fly? Tackle age-appropriate physics concepts as we study the natural flight of birds, create gravity-defying projectiles and play games that keep us moving. Explore engineering and refine fine motor skills as you use the iterative design process to create aerodynamic objects that go the distance. Fly high in this fun camp!

1st-2nd grade

Pack your bags! We’re traveling through time and exploring the exciting history of airborne travel. From early hot air balloons to futuristic rocket ships, you’ll navigate your way through the challenges, successes and surprises faced by fearless trailblazers in aviation history. Test out their techniques as you design and develop creations that can glide through the sky. Together, we’ll fly through time and find out how physics makes flight possible!

3rd-5th grade

Explore the science of flight and see if you have what it takes to achieve liftoff! Construct amazing aerodynamic contraptions that hover, spin and soar. Discover the four forces of flight as you build and test your very own flying machine. Team up to engineer launch-ready rockets, robotic rovers and cool space tools as you design and plan a colonial mission to Mars.

June 26–30 (at Thinkery) July 10–14 (at National Instruments) July 17–21 (at National Instruments)  July 24–28 (at Thinkery)
Sold Out 1st–2nd grade 3rd–5th grade  Sold Out
Sold Out  Sold Out
3rd–5th grade  3rd–5th grade

2017 Thinkery Camp | Fantastic Fabrication

Fantastic Fabrication

Join the maker movement! Spend the week weaving through the science and art of textiles in this hands-on camp for artists, designers and makers. Hone your creative skills as we master modern fabrication techniques and processes. We’ll tinker, explore, experiment and find out what makes fabrication so fantastic—and so fun!


Why go to the store when you can make your own fun? Yes, make! Join us on a tactile adventure as we examine textiles from around the world. Feel the difference between your fingertips as we handle fun fabrics. Investigate patterns and shapes as we design quilts and create customized prints. Get creative while designing, lacing and stitching.

1st–2nd grade

Take a closer look at the world around us—and use your observations to make fabulous fabrications! Dive deep into the science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics behind textile design. Use the scientific method to conduct chemical testing on fabrics, and find out what makes fabric flexible, supportive, warm and more. Stitch together your own story as you learn to hand sew, embroider and screenprint. And at the end of the week, use your newfound design and engineering knowledge to create a special gift for someone.

3rd–5th grade

It’s maker madness! Take things apart to understand how they’re created. Make your own dye, tackle basic sewing techniques and use unique conductive materials to add circuits to your textiles. Harness the power of sewing machines, hand tools, 3D design software and more. And after you’ve mastered the basics of making, you’ll develop a product and pitch it to a panel of experts—all while tracking your product’s development through ideation, design, iteration and analysis. Sew cool!

June 5–9 (at Thinkery) July 3, 5–7 (at Thinkery) July 31– Aug 4 (at Thinkery)  
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Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out  
Sold Out 3rd-5th grade Sold Out  

2017 Thinkery Camp | Illuminating Inventions

Illuminating Inventions: Design and Explore with the Innovators

Embark on an ambitious journey back in time as you become an apprentice to famous inventors from the Renaissance! Turn inspired ideas into original inventions as we look at the work of Galileo, da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more. Create crazy contraptions that stand tall, lift a ton of weight, dive deep under the ocean and record history. Paint your way out of the Dark Ages as you master the world of Renaissance innovation. Join us as we draw inspiration from the past and discover new ways to change the world!


Become the apprentice to a different inventor each day as we explore immersive stations and tackle hands-on design challenges. From Newton to Galileo to Gutenberg to da Vinci, you’ll see science, technology, engineering art and mathematics through new eyes. Make colorful stained glass, engineer effective zip lines, explore outer space, create a digital newspaper, design your own submarine and more.

1st–2nd grade

Set out on a one-of-a-kind problem-solving quest to save your kingdom! Renaissance inventors solved tough problems by coming up with creative and innovative solutions—and now it’s your turn to save the day. Explore and use simple machines as you make the printing press possible, create your own castle drawbridge and design a parachute like Da Vinci. What are you waiting for? Your kingdom needs you!

3rd–5th grade

Team up to create a thriving Renaissance city! Use creative problem solving skills to determine the tools needed to establish, protect and make history in your city. Wield potential and kinetic energy as you learn what makes a catapult work. Design, engineer and construct a Renaissance dome. Make your own mechanical theatre using simple materials and cam technology. And, of course, no Renaissance city would be complete without some quirky challenges—put your brain to the test as you design magnificent medieval mazes and collaborative scrolling backdrops.

June 12–16 (at Thinkery) July 10–14 (at Thinkery) August 7–11 (at Thinkery)  
Sold Out Sold Out Pre-K–K  
Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out  
Sold Out Sold Out 3rd–5th grade  

2017 Thinkery Camp | Tinkering with Color and Light

Tinkering with Color and Light

See sparks fly as we make and tinker with cool circuits, bright lights and vibrant colors. Explore how light is used in science, art, medicine, engineering and beyond. Illuminate your imagination and ignite your curiosity by creating your very own magical world of light and color.


“I spy something yellow…” But why? Discover the many ways light and color affect our lives. Explore the elements of light as we examine black and white pictures, create colorful rainbows and complete fun circuits. Take a closer look at the various lights and colors found in our backyards, in our homes and in our community. “Switch on” the light in your mind as we investigate this illuminating intersection of both art and science.

1st–2nd grade

Follow the light to the end of the tunnel as you travel alongside the tiny electrons that make up light. Ride light waves as they bend through prisms, and discover the different ways light can move and be used. Learn how light works from the inside out as you create a light box, paint with light and explore how to conduct electricity. Work collaboratively to create inventions that scribble, mush and make noise—all through the power of circuits!

3rd–5th grade

Light it up—one bulb at a time! After mastering the basics of circuitry, take your newfound knowledge to the next level and create sewn and paper circuits using unique conductive materials. Learn to use soldering irons, voltmeters and other hand tools as you construct your weeklong project—a super cool circuitry art piece.

June 19–23 (at Thinkery) July 17–21 (at Thinkery) August 14–18
(at Thinkery)
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Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out  
3rd–5th grade 3rd–5th grade 3rd–5th grade  

Robotic and Programming Themes

2017 Thinkery Camp | Program Animate Create

Program, Animate and Create

Dream it. Design it. Develop it. This summer, explore exciting new technologies as you think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. That’s right—we’re exploring the creative side of coding! Program, animate and create customized games, crazy inventions and super cool stories. Check it out!

1st–2nd grade

What do you want the future to look like? How can you change it? Join us as we explore how new technologies can help us develop innovative products, applications and solutions for the problems facing the world. Explore LittleBits, 3D modeling and stop-motion animation as you tackle new issues and stories each day. Utilize open design­ spaces and creative problem solving skills to brainstorm, prototype and test out your inspired ideas. At the end of the week, we’ll build a Thinkery World’s Fair—an exposition of culture, art and technology to display the projects we’ve dreamed up and designed.

3rd–5th grade

Coding is cool! Program and share your very own interactive stories, games and animations using Scratch, a visual programming language for kids. Design and develop game controllers, program sensors and motors with Makey Makey and LEGO® WeDo. Work collaboratively to construct a group Rube Goldberg device. Sharpen your creative problem skills as you build your own cardboard arcade. Whether you’re an experienced programmer or a novice techie, one thing is certain—you’ll love this camp. So, don’t just play games—make games!

Hosted at Thinkery Hosted at The Magellan International School* Hosted at National Instruments**
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June 19–23 (3rd–5th grade) June 26-30 (3rd–5th grade) Sold Out
Sold Out July 3, 5-7 (1st–2nd grade)
Sold Out July 3, 5-7 (3rd–5th grade)
Sold Out
Sold Out

2017 Thinkery Camps | RoboCircus


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls—step right up and join the fun! Become a robotics ringmaster and build wacky, whimsical carnival contraptions. You’ll combine technology, playful tactile learning and basic computer programming to create a truly spectacular show. Join us as we juggle coding, robotics and creative problem solving—all while working collaboratively and creatively under the big top!

1st–2nd grade

As the master of ceremonies, you’ll learn about and build circus-themed robots while exploring the basic concepts of robotics and computer programming. Use simple machines and simple programming to engineer one-of-a kind, out-of-this-world attractions like dancing birds, drumming monkeys and amusement park rides. Command your robotic contraptions to complete programmed tasks using LEGO® WeDo bricks and software. And discover that everyone’s a winner when collaboration and creativity take center stage!

3rd–5th grade

Step inside the circus tent, where you’ll spend a fun-filled week balancing hands-on activities with robotics and computer programming. Team up and use MINDSTORMS® EV3 robots in tricky circus events and challenges. Develop age-appropriate digital literacy skills while designing and programming your very own robot conductor, clown or carnival attraction. Explore sensors and gears as you walk the tightrope and test your robot’s structural integrity and maneuverability. Come one, come all!

Hosted at Thinkery Hosted at The Magellan International School* Hosted at National Instruments**
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June 26–30 (3rd–5th grade) July 10–14 (3rd–5th grade) Sold Out
Sold Out July 17–21 (1st–2nd grade)  June 12–16 (3rd–5th grade)
Sold Out July 17–21 (3rd–5th grade)  June 19–23 (1st–2nd grade)
Sold Out

Here is what families say about their Thinkery Camp experience:

I am truly and sincerely grateful for making this summer a very special one for my sons. I want to let you know that your programs and resources DO make a difference in many families.

– Camp Parent

The camp teachers were so amazing with helping my shy child feel comfortable and confident. They also really encouraged group camaraderie and positive social skills. Amazing staff! They clearly love kids and have a passion for teaching.

– Camp Parent

I just want to say thank you! This first week my 4 1/2 year old son has completed has transformed the way he looks at the world. Suddenly he is looking for answers to deeper questions, searching farther and really grasping new ideas. It’s truly a sight to behold!! I am grateful!

– Camp Parent