Brighten up Your Spring Break

Written by Emily Rosenbloom, Thinkery Marketing & Communications Intern | March 3, 2016

What a pretty color! It is so bright outside today! I see the light. We hear these phrases often, but what do they mean? Light and color are essential to the world we live in, and most people don’t realize how complex they are. Here at the Thinkery we want to help unravel the mystery behind how light and color shape our world. That is why we chose our Spring Break 2016 camps to focus on Tinkering with Light and Color.

We have some dazzling activities we have in store for you:

Our youngest campers, Pre-K to kindergarten, will have the opportunity to investigate how light and colors affect our daily lives. First and second graders will ride light waves as they bend through prisms, and explore different ways light can move and be used. The leaders of our camps, third to fifth graders, will play and tinker with new tools in the Thinkery’s makerspace, Space8. Here they will be learning to work with tools like soldering irons, scratch programming, and little bits.


During these camps you can count on having a whole lot of fun, while increasing your creative confidence and problem solving potential. Isabella, a seven year old camper, tells us, “I had a great time at Thinkery camp and can’t wait to come back!” “I got to make a castle with a drawstring bridge!”

Full Day Tinkering Campers, from 9:00am to 4:00pm, will go on two field trips to visit makers and innovators in Austin! And as a bonus, campers get to enjoy Camper’s Museum, when the museum is open only to Thinkery campers, which means before the general public is allowed in! This is a wonderful time for kids to fully explore the Thinkery, especially during our busy week of Spring Break.

“I enjoy signing my kids up for camps with Thinkery every year.  The camps are well organized, the staff is friendly and super informative.  After each day of camp I receive an email with detail descriptions of what they learned and activities they did.  I really appreciated that email as it allowed us to continue their experiences at home and to have that discussion about what they learned” says one of our camp moms.

If you cannot join us for this shining experience, don’t worry! The Thinkery offers summer camps with many other innovative and entertaining themes. These themes include: Tinkering with Color and Light, Once Upon a Design, HydroExplorers, Fantastic Human Machine, Animal Adaptations, Robo-lympics, Robot Search and Rescue, and Designing Tomorrow.


We always enjoy teaching our campers the STEAM principles about new projects, and we can’t wait to inspire more learners! During our last week of Spring Break camps we offer two new themes in addition to Tinkering with Light and Color; Robot Search and Rescue, and Designing Tomorrow at National Instruments.

For more information about upcoming camps check out our Spring Break and Summer Themes page.

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