Camp Recap: Paint with All the Colors of the Wind


Summer Camp continues to be a blast here at The Thinkery! The past week showed us that anyone can create a work of art. Our themes ranged from “Messy Masterpieces” to “Art & Science” to the “smART” program. Let’s take a look at what happened!

Psychadelic! The smART kids played around with tie-dye techniques.


Don’t play with your food…make art with it instead! The vibrant colors in produce make for a great artistic medium.  In another class, they learned how to paint with spices. Delicious!



Our Graphic Designer, Reshma, taught one of the groups all about photoshop. With some suggestions from the kids, together they made the following masterpiece.

cool tiger


All budding artists need to learn how to do a self-portrait, as illustrated by the camper below.



Things got a little messy with papier-mâché…in the best possible way, of course.



Sew…a needle pulling thread! Campers quickly learned the basics of sewing and made their own pillows.



Field trips included visits to The Contemporary Austin-Jones Center, the STG Design studio, and the Umlauf sculpture garden! It can be incredibly inspiring to learn from the work of other artists.

More info about our Summer Camp Programs can be found on our website.

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