Camp Recap: Week One


Our first week of summer camp started off with a bang! Groups participated in activities ranging from digging for fossils in the courtyard to field trips to The Driskill and Saengerrunde Hall. Find a few more of our favorite activities below!

-Austin Taiko gave us a rousing performance of their Japanese percussion act. Taiko is Japanese for “drum” and Austin Taiko’s set brought the house down. Everyone wanted to listen in! The performers even write and perform their own music.


-Our “Passport Adventures” group played a round of Quidditch over at Mueller park.


-The “Time Travelers” camp took a tour back in time to ancient Greece and learned all about Greek Sculpture.



-Kids learned about circuitry at the Texas Advance Computing Center and brought their newfound skills back to The Thinkery to explore making their own circuits.

-Catapults and Castles was the theme of one activity, with a pretty epic showdown between these two castles.



-Kids learned about comets, constellations, and the layers of the sun during the craft hour of Outer Space Day.


We can’t wait to see what Week Two will bring! Find out more info about our summer camps here.

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