Help — Donate Broken Electronics or Machines!


Donate Broken Electronics or Machines

We need your help, Austin! Have a lot of junk lying around? We’re here to help. Donate broken electronics and machines to Thinkery!

Space 8 is the Thinkery’s new maker lab and learning environment specifically designed for children ages 8 and up to build, tinker and make. Visitors use advanced tools and materials, learn new skills and technologies and transform ideas into tangible objects. Space 8 encourages hands-on learning of old and new technologies.

Since opening, our young makers have been lovingly pulling apart machines like computers and broken pencil sharpeners in “take apart” activities, but we’ve nearly run out of things to dismantle! Can you believe it? Do you have any broken appliances, machines, or even non-electric gizmos that you’d be willing to donate to the cause? We’d love to use it in this fun maker space. To donate broken electronics or machines, please contact Heather Singh, our Gallery Education Manager,

Thanks for your support — click here for more information on Space 8! 


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