Filming at Thinkery


Filming at Thinkery - Open Door

Did you see us filming at Thinkery? Filming took place at Thinkery earlier last week for our Open Door fundraising campaign! Thinkery is a place that leaves a lasting impact on the children who pass through our doors and our goal is to exemplify that idea.

Our Open Door Initiative helps provide free admission, program discounts, school tour stipends and scholarships for thousands of
Texas families in need. Young, inspiring and thirsty minds that would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience Thinkery were
it not for our supporters of the Open Door Initiative.

This is a special endeavor for everyone involved and we could not
have achieved it without lots of support from many people!


We want to send out a special thanks to some of our staff:Filming at Thinkery

  • Clara and Alex for their prep work, sharing the joy of
    learning with the director and being available for filming
  • Allison for relocating the lead training to accommodate
    the filming
  • Matt for coming back to the Thinkery after leaving work
    in order to fix a breaker we blew
  • David and Sarah for being on-site all night
  • Travis for coming back after leaving from training and
    Ashley for staying late for Let’s Grow filming
  • Meara for jumping into Storytime filming
  • Kayla for supporting Kitchen Lab filming with Clara
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