Happy Halloween! (And Make These DIY Masks)


This week on the blog, our Volunteens are celebrating all sorts of creative ideas for the Halloween season! Today, Volunteens Crystal & Bryan are showing us how to make a quick and easy Halloween masks! 

Today we’re making do-it-yourself masks. Using materials from the supply closet in Innovators’ Workshop, we created these simple and fun masks. These supplies can be found easily in your home or any craft store. Today we’re making two masks, a masquerade mask and a cat mask. Remember that you can create whatever kind of mask you want- use your imagination!


1The materials we used were:

  • Yarn
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Duct tape (for the masquerade mask)
  • Felt (for the cat mask)
  • Pom-poms (for the cat mask)
  • Paper (for the cat’s whiskers)
  • Scissors, hot glue, hole punch for assembly







We started out my cutting paper towel rolls down the middle lengthwise, then cutting them into the basic shape of our masks.

Cutting may be a little tricky, so always use caution!
Cutting may be a little tricky, so always use caution!

Next, we cut out the eyes of our masks.


Then, slowly but surely, we decorated them.

5 6

There was a lot of cutting, taping and hot gluing involved, but by the time we were done the masks looked very good. This is a fun project for little ones and adults, as there are so many possibilities to what you can make.

7 8

This just goes to show that with the right materials, you can make just about anything, even using something as simple as an old paper towel roll. Happy Halloween everyone!

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