Here in Space 8 We Do a Lot of Cool Things


Here in Space 8 we do a lot of cool things.

As a Maker Space, we’re always tinkering with new and old materials and ideas. One of our favorite things to do is play with circuitry! Have you ever wondered why lights turn on or motors spin? Or how you can text and take a selfie at the same time? It’s all thanks to circuits. Don’t know what they are or how they work? We broke it down for you in a hoppin’ one minute video, click the image below to watch!


Want to go a bit further and combine circuits with 3D printing and textiles? Join us in Space 8 on December 12 and 27 for our Winter Wearables workshop. Learn how to make futuristic hats, scarves, or mittens with our MakerBot Replicator, sewing machines, and simple circuits — you’ll look cool while keeping warm like our CEO, Troy! Snag your tickets now!


If you can’t join us for that workshop, come to any of our drop-in activities or join our after school program Spark Club for hands-on learning with our experienced team of Thinkers! Learn more about Space 8 here.


Keep on makin’ – see you soon!
Emilee & Kate
Innovators’ Workshop Lead Educators

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