If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Try Solar Oven Cooking


Have you ever walked outside in the middle of an Austin summer and wondered if you could cook a whole batch of cookies just with the heat from the sun? Thanks to solar ovens, fuel-free outdoor cooking is now a reality. Solar energy does not use up any of the earth’s resources and it is inexhaustible, which makes it the perfect source of energy for this project.

Solar ovens are commonly made with household objects that you might around your home at this very moment. With some time and effort (plus a few non-cloudy days!), you, too, can make your own. Most solar ovens look like a box, although some use large, concave panels of reflective material to maintain the heat. Using a reflective material like aluminum foil allows the oven to maximize its use of the sun’s energy. During our upcoming workshop on the 13th, we will be building and testing a variety of solar ovens.

Solar ovens are frequently used during recreational activities, although don’t let that limit you! They can just as easily be used at home. An added bonus of solar oven cooking is that you don’t have to heat up your kitchen during the hot summer months. That alone seems like reason enough to start trying it. Solar ovens are becoming more utilized in under-developed countries. The ability to cook food without using precious fuel resources can be a huge advantage for families in need.

solar oven by Erik Burton
This example of a do-it-yourself solar oven lets you watch the cooking process. Photo credit: Erik Burton

We have our very own Solar Oven Workshop happening on Friday, June 13th at 2:30 PM. Grab a ticket and come and learn how to harness the power of the sun in your own cooking. The Kitchen Lab will be cooking up a good time and you can make your own snack, in addition to taking home some delicious recipes to try for yourself! Register online (select “Family Workshops” for Event Type), or call (512) 469-6201

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