January 31st – !yaD sdrawkcaB


Happy Backwards Day!


Tired of your same old routine? Want to change things up? Have you ever wondered if you can walk backwards?
Well today’s the day to see and do things differently: Backwards, inside-out, upside down, or any other which way you can think of!

Here are some ways to celebrate:

1. Learn some Palindromes.


If your name is Anna, congrats! Your name is a palindrome. (If that’s not your name, what does your name sound like backwards?)

Palindromes can be really fun and there’s many to choose from.
Here are some of our favorites:

A car, a man, a maraca
Dr. Awkward
Ew! Eat a ewe?
Now I won

Try coming up with your own!

2. Write with your opposite hand. Make it a competition to see who has the better handwriting! Maybe write some palindromes while you’re at it?

Here’s my attempt. Can you guess which one I wrote left-handed?

3. Wear your shirt backwards. Break all the fashion rules and put on your shirt inside-out and backwards! You’ll look great, or shall I say, taerg kool ll’uoY!
Today is all about doing things a little differently, a little sillier, and a little more fun. Have breakfast for dinner, try saying the alphabet backwards, and let us know how you celebrate Backwards Day!


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