Play for All


Written by Rebecca Amelia Harris, Assistant Camp Coordinator

Play as a useful and tactful mode of learning has become a subject of debate during an era when our culture is increasingly valuing academic rigor over creativity and imagination. What some don’t realize is that play is a multifaceted approach to learning and growing. It’s a tool for academic and cognitive advancement that promotes social-emotional development through creative, hands-on experiences. Here at Thinkery, we embrace and encourage the wonderful world of play through our galleries, camps and classes.

Play for All - Currents

Our mission at Thinkery is to create innovative learning experiences that equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers. We do this by fostering an atmosphere of trial and error, one of creativity, affirmation and acceptance. Our museum allows young thinkers the opportunity to delve into unfamiliar arenas they may not have had a chance to explore or experience. From picking produce in Fresh! to splashing around in Currents and everything in between, we offer a playful, interactive environment that introduces children to the diverse and expansive world around them.

Play for All - Fresh

Play is a natural way for children to grasp new concepts and grow in a self-paced environment. Whether through role playing or team building, it is essential in empowering self-perception and building crucial social skills. Play also promotes physical well-being, enhances cognitive development and encourages decision making. Through play, children are able to discover new things about themselves and develop additional areas of personal interest.

Play 3

Beyond the developmental advantages of play, we love it because it’s fun. We’ve worked hard to create a space where kids can get active, get involved and have a great time. Illuminate your imagination in Light Lab and put together a design with our giant light bright. Explore aerodynamics by launching gliders in Spark Shop. Join us in our camps as we develop critical thinking skills in a collaborative environment. And our youngest friends have a blast in our special Baby Bloomers program!

No matter your interest or age, Thinkery is a home to play for all.

Play for All - Camps

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