Soaring to New Heights with Sky Candy

photo by Rich Merritt

Last month, we hosted our first ever Thinkery21 event; after all the children and families packed up their strollers and climbed into their car seats, the Thinkery opened its doors exclusively for adults. Visitors enjoyed a homebrewing demonstration, a digital media installation, and even playing collaborative Pac-Man. An impressive highlight of the evening was the performances by the talented aerialists from Sky Candy.

The group set up a twenty foot tall aerial rig in the entrance way to the Thinkery and proceeded to dazzle visitors through out the evening. The aerialists, all members of Sky Candy’s Studio Company, took turns performing and switched between different two different apparatuses, silks and lyra. Aerialists climbed up the silks, wrapping and twisting themselves into suspensions and holds, occasionally dropping dramatically, spiraling just inches from the floor. On the lyra performers climbed and spun around a circular steel hoop; a duet performance by Duo Tartine was a highlight. Thinkery staff watched in amazement, as our very own Noah, a Floor Supervisor here at the Thinkery and member of the Sky Candy Studio Company, performed on both silks and lyra.

photo by Rich Merritt

Sky Candy’s studio is located just a short drive down Airport Boulevard from the Thinkery at 507 Calles Street. They offer over 60 classes a week in everything from Intro to Aerials, Bootcamps, Handstand Labs, and Circus Circuit. Sky Candy also hosts classes for kids (ages 6 and up) and is offering a camp during Spring Break. Noah encourages everyone to check out a class. “It’s a unique and engaging workout that gets you out of the gym and takes you to new heights. It motivates me to keep practicing and learning new skills.”

The Thinkery would like extend a huge thank you and an extra round of applause to Sky Candy!

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