Splash into HydroExplorers


Written by Zahra Adamjee, Camp Digital Media/Photography Intern

Did you know that 96.5% of our world is water? It is! Not only is water prevalent—it’s also incredibly important. Humans, animals and plants all need water to survive. We need clean drinking water to stay hydrated. We depend on water to grow healthy crops. We even use water to produce electricity. Without water, life as we know it would not exist.

We just wrapped up our very first HydroExplorers camp of the summer! In HydroExplorers—our weeklong summer camp all about the wild, wonderful world of water—campers discovered the powerful role water plays in our daily lives. Participants enjoyed dozens of hands-on design activities and demonstrations while learning about the water cycle, local watersheds, conservation efforts and more. They learned that in order to leave a lasting, positive impact on the environment, we must first learn how environmental systems work.

Take a look at everything our HydroExplorers explored and experienced at Thinkery!

Thinkery Camp - HydroExplorers: PK-K

Pre-K–K campers created water filters to experience what happens to water in different environments after a storm.

Thinkery Camps - HydroExplorers: 1-2

Our 1st–2nd grade campers completed a two-day project in which they designed a moving system using hydraulics.

Thinkery Camps - HydroExplorers: 3-5

Our 3rd–5th grade campers visited the pond near Thinkery to collect, examine and test a local water source for water quality using Petri dishes and digital microscopes.

HydroExplorers - Prototype Electric Dam

They even built a working prototype of a hydroelectric dam!

HydroExplorers - Field Trip

Our full-day campers enjoyed a trip to the Austin Nature and Science Center, where they learned all about the natural environment and wildlife surrounding Austin’s creeks, springs and aquifer.

There’s still time to explore this summer! With HydroExplorers running July 11–15 and August 8–12, there’s plenty of time for your young explorer to discover the powerful world of water in Central Texas. See you at summer camp!


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