Spring Into Summer – Early Learners


Early bird catches the worm this spring—for our littlest learners, that is! Our Early Learners Workshops, Little Thinkers Club series and Baby Bloomers programs are the perfect way to engage your young innovator.

Our Early Childhood Educators lead fun, dynamic learning experiences designed for children ages 1–48 months—and their caregivers, of course. What are you waiting for? Explore our spring and summer programming for early learners below!

Art Start: My Many Colored Days

Are you having a YELLOW day or a BLUE day? Dr. Seuss is our inspiration as we get colorfully creative while learning how to express ourselves in a rainbow of colors.

Ready for a hue-ge day of fun? Come share what color day you are having during our Art Start Little Thinkers Club series!

Namaste & Play: Sense-sational!

Welcome the first days of summer with a flower-power pose during Namaste & Play: Sense-sational! Let your head and shoulders, knees and toes connect your little one to the mat through toddler-inspired yoga. Bring balance to your day as we explore all five senses and come alive.

Early Learners Workshops: Color Wonders

There’s no place like Thinkery! Join us somewhere over the rainbow as we explore the spectacular color spectrum and use our sense of sight to investigate and identify different colors. We’ll mix colors, practice creative movement and paint vibrant portraits. This Early Learners Workshop is colorful fun for everyone!

Baby Bloomers: Away We Go!

Things are looking up at Thinkery this May! As all eyes turn skyward, team up with your toddler for sky-high adventures as we explore fun things that take flight. What are you waiting for? Up, up and away we go!

Baby Bloomers: Under the Sea

Flippin’ your fins won’t get you far—little legs are required for jumpin’ and dancin’. Calling all little fishes ages 0-3—make your way to Baby Bloomers for Under the Sea, every Monday and Saturday morning in June.

Just look at the world around you, right here on the Thinkery floor. Such wonderful things surround you, what more are you looking for? Plan your under-the-sea journey today!

See, what’d we tell you? There’s so much fun in store for you and your little learner at Thinkery this summer. Join the fun, learn a ton and discover something amazing together!

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