STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend: August 19


Between school, homework, practice and spending time with loved ones, it’s easy to miss out on the latest in science, technology, engineering, art and math. But don’t worry, Thinkery’s got you covered. Here are some of our favorite STEAM discoveries from the previous week. It’s fuel for your weekend.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Firefly Shrimp
Photo series: Trevor Williams and Jonathan Galione.

Who knew we would ever use the words “breathtaking” and “shrimp” together in the same sentence? Well, there’s a first time for everything, and boy, these photos of bioluminescent shrimp are absolutely breathtaking.

Taken off the coast of Okayama, Japan, The Weeping Stones is a photo series from Tdub Photo’s Trevor Williams and Jonathan Galione. The images capture the beautiful blue light emitted by Vargula Hilgendorfii, commonly referred to as “sea fireflies.”

We can’t get enough. Check out their photo series over on Colossal!

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Greenland Shark

The world’s longest-living vertebrate can be found in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. You guessed it—it’s the Greenland shark! By examining the radiocarbon levels in the eye lenses of 28 female Greenland sharks, scientists were able to calculate their ages. The oldest female specimen was found to be 392-years-old, give or take 120 years.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Stubby Squid
Photo credit: Nautilus Live.

Can we talk about this ADORABLE googly-eyed stubby squid, or Rossia pacifica? Seriously, we can’t stop staring at this cutie pie cephalopod. Spotted off the coast of California by scientists aboard the research ship Nautilus, this discovery is just one of many that can be found on their enthralling Nautilus Live stream.


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