STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend – February 3


Between school, homework, practice and spending time with loved ones, it’s easy to miss out on the latest in science, technology, engineering, art and math. But don’t worry, Thinkery’s got you covered. Here are some of our favorite family-friendly discoveries from the previous week. It’s STEAM to fuel your weekend.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Yuki Tsunoda
Photo credit: Yuki Tsunoda.

Do bugs freak you out? You’re not alone. What if you could channel your disgust into something creative—like these stunning glass sculptures from Japanese artist Yuki Tsunoda. Her detailed designs are sized to scale, and we couldn’t be more impressed. They’re so cute, we can’t stop staring at ’em!

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Artificial Cells
Photo credit: Wikimedia.

Formulated more than sixty years ago, the Turing test was designed by mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. Its purpose? To determine whether or not a machine could behave intelligently and trick a person into thinking it was communicating with another human.

Humans, yes—but could the Turing test work on a cellular level? Scientists recently developed artificial cells that are so lifelike, they can chemically communicate with bacteria. Yep, these tiny, cell-like structures passed the Turing test. Click to learn more about this fascinating discovery!

The purple hairy squat lobster is our new favorite find over on National Geographic’s YouTube channel. Uh, can you blame us? It’s adorable!

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