Our Summer Interns Rock


We are in full swing of summer with an awesome crew of interns! This summer the Thinkery is hosting 20 interns throughout the organization.


Check out some of the things our interns have to say:

I love the sense of ownership over the work I do as a Thinkery intern.  There are a multitude of tasks that I must complete, and seldom are any of my supervisors forcing me to do a certain task, as they trust me to prioritize everything to find the best balance for accomplishing our goals. The staff is very much a team, and it is a wonderful feeling to be a part of that! The best moments of my internship are hearing the feedback from lead and assistant teachers of the camp that the activities we have planned and prepped were successfully, worthwhile experiences for the campers. I feel validated in my work after hearing such news.
-Chris Deyo

I have loved having the opportunity to be a part of such a positive environment that is filled with people who inspire me everyday by both their talent and passion for what they do!
– Kristin Fanelli

I had the lucky opportunity of being the School Programs intern at the Thinkery for the recent Spring and Summer semesters, and it has been an amazing experience! Being a recent UT graduate with a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, I had the chance to witness my studies in child development and peer relationships being played out in real world scenarios on a daily basis in the museum. As a School Programs Intern, my supervisor lets me take lead in overseeing the guided tours offered at our facility. This responsibility helped develop my leadership, verbal communication and flexibility skills. In addition, I became self aware of my abilities, weaknesses and all that I have accomplished to date…even the little things.In short, I can say that I loved everything about interning at the Thinkery and am very grateful to the staff that made this a valuable learning experience!
-Marc Rivera

Interested in an internship with the Thinkery? Fall’s just around the corner and we still have internship applications open! Check out our fall placement opportunities at http://thinkeryaustin.org/about/careers/

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