Touring Texas: A Texas Two-Step


At Thinkery, we’re wrapping up our popular All Around Austin series and taking our next Baby Bloomers series a step further. A Texas “two-step” further, if you will. You guessed it—we’re leaving our beloved hometown behind for an imaginative look at the Lone Star State.

In each of our September Touring Texas stops, children ages 0–3 and their caregivers explore a different part of Texas while enjoying hands-on, age-appropriate activities that support the social, emotional and cognitive development of early learners. And all while never leaving Thinkery!

See where we’re heading this month!

Baby Bloomers - Touring Texas - The Alamo

The Alamo
Saturday, September 3, 9–10 am

Join us at Thinkery as we kick off our imaginary tour of the great state of Texas. Our first stop? Why, San Antonio, of course! We’ll pay tribute to The Alamo by building replicas and exploring a sensory bin that takes us back to the time of Davy Crockett.

No Baby Bloomers on Labor Day – Monday, September 5

Baby Bloomers - Touring Texas - Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock
Saturday, September 10, 9–10 am
Monday, September 12, 9 am–12 pm
Hike over to Thinkery and explore the natural beauty of Enchanted Rock. Together, we’ll discover dark caves, play with pink granite-inspired materials and make a sand paper cactus.

Baby Bloomers - Touring Texas - Johnson Space Center

Johnson Space Center
Saturday, September 17, 9–10 am
Monday, September 19, 9 am–12 pm
Grab your space suit—we’re learning about the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Get messy with gooey galaxy slime, create a puffy paint moon and explore the outer reaches of space.

Baby Bloomers - Touring Texas - Big Bend

Big Bend National Park
Saturday, September 24, 9–10 am
Monday, September 26, 9 am–12 pm
Our “tour” of Texas concludes with an imaginary pit stop at Big Bend National Park! Explore the desert terrain, play in our bird seed sensory bin and create beautiful Texas Bluebonnets with the tips of your fingers.

There’s no place like home. And we feel pretty lucky that we’re able to call Texas home. Come celebrate our amazing state as we explore everything Texas has to offer… at Thinkery!

Tickets for Baby Bloomers are $3 for Members and $5 for Non-Members, and may be purchased online or at Admissions. Touring Texas kicks off Saturday, September 3 with The Alamo.

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