Think Ahead: February 26–March 4


Think ahead! Here’s what’s happening next week at Thinkery. Come join the fun!

Sunday, February 26
Art Bots, 11:15 am, ages 4+
Get a sneak peek into Space 8 while making an Arto Roboto. We’ll combine recycled materials with simple circuit building to make unique bots that scribble and draw!

Build art bots in Space 8!

Art Bots, 1:15 pm or 3:15 pm, ages 8+
Combine motors, switches and recycled materials to build an Arto Roboto. Tinker with variables like weight, length and speed to see what different motions and patterns your contraption creates!

Monday, February 27
Water Play!, 9 am–12 pm, ages 0–3
Splish, splash and explore the wonders of water in Water Play! Together, we’ll make big bubbles, create color-changing concoctions and investigate materials that sink and float. Join the fun!

Think Ahead - Water Play
Join us each week to try something new or build on the previous week’s activities!

Wednesday, March 1
Art Start: My Many Colored Days, 9:45 am, ages 12–24 months
Art Start: My Many Colored Days, 10:45 am, ages 24–36 months
Dr. Seuss wrote about feeling all different ways on many different days in his book, “My Many Colored Days.” Inspired by this book, we’ll explore emotions through color and sound. We’ll get creative while learning how to express ourselves!

Community Night, 4–8 pm, all ages
Every Wednesday, Thinkery stays open late so families can enjoy extended museum hours, exhibits and educational activities. In addition to extended hours from 4–8 pm, admission during Community Night is by donation—meaning families are invited to pay what they can. The suggested donation is just $1!

Pop by our FREE #AmplifyTheFuture photo booth and snap a pic! Tell us how YOU will make a difference and amplify the future.

#AmplifyTheFuture with a matched contribution to Thinkery!

Thursday, March 2 at 6pm–Friday, March 3 at 6 pm
Amplify Austin 2017 – #AmplifyTheFuture
On this community-wide day of digital philanthropy, you can #AmplifyTheFuture generation of innovators and creative problem solvers with a matched gift to Thinkery. Your matched contribution to Thinkery during #AmplifyATX helps provide inquiry-led educational experiences to future scientists, future techies, future engineers, future artists and future mathematicians during our weekly Community Night program, offered every Wednesday from 4–8 pm. Admission during this time is by donation, meaning our hands-on exhibits and programs are available and accessible to all, regardless of financial status. Schedule your gift today!

Friday, March 3
Tinkering Tots: Build the City, 9:45 am, 24–36 months
Tinkering Tots: Build the City, 10:45 am, 36–48 months
Let’s all become city planners as we look at what makes a bustling metropolis run. We will build bridges, make maps, light up our very own skyline by exploring circuit boards and more!

Think Ahead - Tinkering Tots
Let’s build a city!

Saturday, March 4
In the Garden!, 9–10 am, ages 0–3
In March, we’re highlighting Let’s Grow, and we invite you and your little sprout to explore and grow! Join us In the Garden! each week to try something new or build on the previous week’s activities!

Come play In the Garden!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss: Egg Planters and Truffula Trees, 11:15 am or 1:15 pm or 3:15 pm, ages 4+
Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ 113th birthday by recreating some interesting objects from his wonderful and imaginative books!

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