Think Ahead: January 8–14


Think ahead! Here’s what’s happening next week at Thinkery. Come join the fun!

Sunday, January 8
Petri Dish Art, 11:15 am or 1:15 pm or 3:15 pm, ages 4+
Ever wonder how a petri dish could become an art canvas? Head to Kitchen Lab for this brand-new Think Lab! Inspired by images of bright and beautiful bacteria, we’ll create unique designs using gels, paint and more.

Monday, January 9
Light It Up!, 9 am–12 pm, ages 0–3
Our new Baby Bloomers series explores the wonder of light and shadow. This month, we’ll make kaleidoscopes, tinker with prisms, play with rainbow parachutes and more. What are you waiting for? Let’s Light It Up!

Think Ahead - Light It Up!
Photo credit: @randithemuggle.

Wednesday, January 4
Art Start: Modern Artists, 9:45 am, ages 12–24 months
Art Start: Modern Artists, 10:45 am, ages 24–36 months
Let’s explore famous artists by investigating their work! We’ll study modern female artists like Yayoi Kusama, Alma Thomas and Georgia O’Keeffe—and let their use of lines, color and shape inspire our own works of art.

Think Ahead - Modern Artists
Explore the artwork of famous female modern artists in Art Start: Modern Artists.

Community Night, 4–8 pm, all ages
MAKE and DO at Community Night! Every Wednesday, Thinkery stays open late for families to discover new ideas and learn together. Admission during Community Night is by donation, with a suggested $1 donation.

Think Ahead - Community Night
Our weekly Community Nights are a fun, affordable way for families to play and learn side by side.

Friday, January 13
Tinkering Tots: Soundscape, 9:45 am, 24–36 months
Tinkering Tots: Soundscape, 10:45 am, 36–48 months
Let’s play with natural and recycled materials to create sound in unexpected ways! We’ll explore volume, rhythm and acoustics as we create the narrative to our sound story.

Saturday, January 14
Light it Up!, 9–10 am, ages 0–3
As we kick off a new year, let’s explore the wonder of light and shadow! We’ll use our exhibits to experiment with the possibilities of light all month long. On Mondays, we’ll highlight our very popular Light Lab and invite you to explore alongside us. On Saturdays, we’ll relocate our Mini Maker Lab to the second floor where you can watch your little one’s eyes light up as we tinker with flashlights, prisms, mirrors and more! Join us each week to try something new or build on the previous week’s activities!

Think Ahead - Light It Up!
Let’s Light It Up! during Baby Bloomers!

Plush Pillows, 12:15 pm, ages 4–7
Let’s mix and match colors and patterns to make a soft, simple-stitch pillow! Gain access into Space 8 while exploring with needle and thread to stitch together your own keepsake.

Think Ahead - Think Labs
Get ready to design, sew and stitch in our new Space 8 Think Labs!

Digital Bling, 2:15 pm or 4:15 pm, ages 8+
Explore the basics of sewing while designing your own unique light-up bling! We’ll combine older and newer technologies by sewing with conductive thread to construct a working and wearable circuit. Watch your friends’ eyes light up as you light up your LED accessory.

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