Think Ahead: September 11–17


Think ahead! Here’s what’s happening this week at Thinkery. Come join the fun!

Sunday, September 11
Grandparents Day, all day, all ages
Celebrate National Grandparents Day 2016 at Thinkery! Join us for family-friendly crafts, quick-set strawberry preserves, story time, stop-motion animation and so much more. You can also learn about the new Grandparent membership level we’re launching in October. See you at #GrandparentsDay!

Think Ahead - National Grandparents Day
Join us Sunday, September 11 for National Grandparents Day.

Tinkering with Tools, 12:15 pm, ages 4–7
Gain special access into Space 8 in this super cool Think Lab! In Tinkering with Tools, hammer down the basics of woodworking by tinkering with pull saws, hammers and hand drills. The best part? You get to create (and keep!) your very own wooden keepsake.

Think Ahead - Woodworking
Hammer down the basics of woodworking in Space 8.

Woodworking, 2:15 pm or 4:15 pm, ages 8+
Ready to saw, sand and drill? Oh, do we have the Think Lab for you. In Woodworking, learn effective and safe use of power tools while making your very own wooden keepsake.

Monday, September 12
Touring Texas: Enchanted Rock, 9 am–12 pm, ages 0–3
Hike over to Thinkery and explore the natural beauty of Enchanted Rock. That’s right, we’re heading to the heart of the Hill Country in this imaginative Baby Bloomers! Together, we’ll discover dark caves, play with pink granite-inspired materials and make a sand paper cactus.

Think Ahead - Touring Texas - Enchanted Rock
Take an imaginary “hike” up Enchanted Rock at Baby Bloomers.

Wednesday, September 14
Community Night, 4–8 pm, all ages
Have you visited during one of our weekly Community Nights? Every Wednesday, we stay open late so your family can enjoy extended access to Thinkery exhibits and programming. Admission from 4–8 pm is by donation, with a suggested $1 donation. Pay what you can and play as long as you’d like!

Think Ahead - Community Night
Admission during Community Night is by donation.

Friday, September 16
IMAGINARIUM and After Glow, 6:30 pm–12 am, JW Marriott, ages 21+
Can you believe it? IMAGINARIUM is finally here! All proceeds from IMAGINARIUM, our annual fundraising gala, support our Open Door Initiative—a commitment to making Thinkery accessible to all. The money we raise helps provide free admission, program discounts, school tour stipends and scholarships for Title I schools and underserved families in Central Texas. And it’s sold out!

Didn’t get a table? Don’t worry! Eat, drink, dance and make a difference at After Glow, IMAGINARIUM’s inaugural after party. Oh, and tickets are still available. Come on, you know you want to GLOW.

IMAGINARIUM celebrates Thinkery’s role in “glowing” the future generation of innovators and creative problem solvers.

Saturday, September 17
Touring Texas: Johnson Space Center, 9–10 am, ages 0–3
3, 2, 1 blast off! Grab your space suit, our next Touring Texas “stop” is the one-and-only Johnson Space Center in Houston. Get messy with gooey galaxy slime, create a puffy paint moon and explore the outer reaches of space in this astronomical adventure.

Think Ahead - Touring Texas - Johnson Space Center
Explore the outer reaches of space in this imaginative Baby Bloomers program.

Suminagashi Fabrics, 11:15 am or 1:15 pm or 3:15 pm, ages 4+
You’ve got to see it to believe it! This month in Kitchen Lab, learn about the ancient Japanese marbling technique of Suminagashi. We’re blending floating inks in pools of water to create colorful, customized works of art.

Think Ahead - Suminagashi
Discover Suminagashi—the ancient Japanese marbling technique—in Kitchen Lab.
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