Think Ahead: September 18–24


Think ahead! Here’s what’s happening this week at Thinkery. Come join the fun!

Sunday, September 18
Austin Museum Day 2016, all day, all ages
On #MuseumDay2016, take advantage of FREE admission at more than 35 local museums, including Thinkery. We’re open from 10 am–6 pm, and tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-sale tickets and express Member entry will not be available.

We’re expecting many new visitors for 19th Annual Austin Museum Day, so please prepare for longer lines. While these visitors explore and experience Thinkery for the very first time, we recommend Thinkery Members use this day to discover and rediscover other amazing Austin-area museums. For a full list of participating museums, click here.

Think Ahead - Austin Museum Day
Austin Museum Day 2016 is a free day of family fun.

Suminagashi Fabrics, 11:15 am or 1:15 pm or 3:15 pm, ages 4+
You’ve got to see it to believe it! Join us in Kitchen Lab as we learn the ancient Japanese marbling technique of Suminagashi. We’re blending floating inks in pools of water to create colorful, customized works of art.

Think Ahead - Suminagashi
Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese marbling technique.

Monday, September 19
Touring Texas: Johnson Space Center, 9 am–12 pm, ages 0–3
3, 2, 1 blast off! Grab your space suit, our next Touring Texas “stop” is the one-and-only Johnson Space Center in Houston. Get messy with gooey galaxy slime, create a puffy paint moon and explore the outer reaches of space in this astronomical adventure.

Think Ahead - Touring Texas - Johnson Space Center
Explore the outer reaches of space in this imaginative Baby Bloomers program.

Wednesday, September 21
Community Night, 4–8 pm, all ages
It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for Community Night! Every Wednesday from 4–8 pm, admission to the museum is by donation—meaning you’re able to pay what you can. Families love reading books to Bacchus, a certified therapy dog, in Story Nook.

Think Ahead - Bacchus and H-E-Buddy
Visit with Bacchus, a certified family therapy dog, at Community Night.

Saturday, September 24
Touring Texas: Big Bend National Park, 9–10 am, ages 0–3
Our “tour” of Texas concludes with an imaginary pit stop at Big Bend National Park! Explore the desert terrain, play in our bird seed sensory bin and create beautiful Texas Bluebonnets with the tips of your fingers.

Think Ahead - Touring Texas - Big Bend
Our “tour” of Texas concludes with an imaginary pit stop at Big Bend National Park.

Tinkering with Tools, 12:15 pm, ages 4–7
We’re wrapping up our September Think Labs with woodworking in Space 8. In Tinkering with Tools, participants ages 4–7 hammer down the basics of woodworking by tinkering with pull saws, hammers and hand drills.

Think Ahead - Tinkering with Tools
Learn effective and safe use of power tools in Space 8.

Woodworking, 2:15 pm or 4:15 pm, ages 8+
Ready to saw, sand and drill? Join us for Woodworking! Learn effective and safe use of power tools in this super cool Think Lab for ages eight and up. The best part? You get to make (and keep!) your very own wooden keepsake.

Science Saturday at Texas Museum of Technology and Science, 4–6 pm, all ages
Did you know we’re teaming up with Texas Museum of Science & Technology for Science Saturday: The Science of Video Games? We are! Join us September 24 at TXMOST as we trace the development of console technology, participate in virtual reality demos and “catch ‘em all” in a Pokémon scavenger hunt. Tickets are available here—come join the fun!

Think Ahead - Science Saturday
Science Saturday is September 24 at Texas Museum of Science & Technology.
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