Think Ahead: September 25–October 1


Think ahead! Here’s what’s happening this week at Thinkery. Come join the fun!

Sunday, September 25
Tinkering with Tools, 12:15 pm, ages 4–7
See ya, September! We’re wrapping up our September Think Labs with woodworking in Space 8. In Tinkering with Tools, participants ages 4–7 hammer down the basics of woodworking by tinkering with pull saws, hammers and hand drills.

Think Ahead - Tinkering with Tools
Learn effective and safe use of power tools in Space 8.

Woodworking, 2:15 pm or 4:15 pm, ages 8+
Ready to saw, sand and drill? Join us for Woodworking! Learn effective and safe use of power tools in this super cool Think Lab for ages eight and up. The best part? You get to make (and keep!) your very own wooden keepsake.

Monday, September 26
Touring Texas: Big Bend National Park, 9 am–12 pm, ages 0–3
Our “tour” of Texas concludes with an imaginary pit stop at Big Bend National Park! Explore the desert terrain, play in our bird seed sensory bin and create beautiful Texas Bluebonnets with the tips of your fingers.

Baby Bloomers - Touring Texas - Big Bend
Our imaginary “tour” of Texas concludes with a pit stop at Big Bend National Park.

Wednesday, September 28
Community Night, 4–8 pm, all ages
Every Wednesday, Thinkery stays open late so families can enjoy extended museum hours, exhibits and educational activities. In addition to extended hours from 4–8 pm, admission during Community Night is by donation—meaning families are able to pay what they can. The suggested donation is just $1!

Think Ahead - Community Night
Heading to Community Night? Pop by Space 8 for a drop-in activity!

Saturday, October 1
Fall on the Farm: Falling Leaves, 9–10 am, ages 0–3
Watch out for falling leaves as we discover the warm colors of the season. We will crumble, paint and jump into piles of leaves! Help us say goodbye to summer and welcome in the fall.

Think Ahead - Fall Leaves
Hello, fall! We’ve been waiting for you. Join us for our brand-new Baby Bloomers series, Fall on the Farm.

Whisks and Wizards, 11:15 am or 1:15 pm or 3:15 pm, ages 4+
Join us in Kitchen Lab as we explore the culinary world of wizards! We’ll mix up some tasty buttery brews to pair with chocolate-y soup and chocolate frogs.

Think Ahead - Whisks and Wizards
This October, join us in Kitchen Lab as we explore the culinary world of wizards.
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