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Beverly with our Direct Service Staff Riley, getting ready for a birthday party!
Beverly with our Direct Service Staff Riley, getting ready for a birthday party!

Each month the Thinkery blog highlights one of our amazing volunteers and their fantastic work at the Thinkery. This month we feature Beverly, who has been volunteering with us since October! Below, Grace describes some of her favorite projects as a volunteer and some of her favorite reasons for volunteering here at the Thinkery. Thanks Beverly for all your hard work!

Why did you want to volunteer/intern at the Thinkery?
Combining kids with hands-on activities sounded like a blast! I instruct elementary students in hands-on science activities so it’s a great insight into new ideas and projects. Plus, from day one, staff have been super nice and approachable, I just had to volunteer here!

What is your favorite exhibit/program of the museum and why?
Innovators’ Workshop. It’s neat to see the kids exploring and putting tools together on their own. They’re able to work with circuits, animation, and paint…. there’s just so much going on!

What has been your best moment at the museum?
Probably volunteering at a Thinkery Birthday Party! As a volunteer I was able to help the staff by interacting with the kids and really getting them into the activity! It’s great that the birthday parties include an educational activity that gets the kids excited about science and the museum! One birthday party, I was working with a girl making a glittery gooey putty. She was not afraid to get her hands dirty and just went right in moving the concoction between her hands, making a mess! I think that allowing the kids to really explore without fear of making a mess or getting everything dirty is very beneficial to the kids! Plus, it was a lot of fun for me to watch her explore and ask questions!

Beverly at Thinkery21

What is the best story you have about working with our visitors?
The first night of Thinkery21, I was set up in Innovators workshop to help visitors with questions and get them playing. I was placed right between the two Pacman circuit games and it was a blast! At first I let visitors figure out how to play but eventually I would come over and explain how it was a joint communication game. That night I learned how amazing and educational circuits can be. The game was a big hit with everyone, with most people wanting to play more than one round! It was nice because I got to figure it out and then actually explain it to visitors. Always learning something new at The Thinkery!

How has your work here influenced your life?
Volunteering at The Thinkery has given me the opportunity to do something valuable away from my work. Interacting with families and children at the museum has definitely been a learning experience! I’m able to see how both interact with the tools, crafts, and experiments provided!

What is something in your life that that you LOVE?
Chocolate, my dog Calvin, and the outdoors. I love a lot of things.

What is your all-time favorite thing to do on your time off?
When not volunteering at the Thinkery, probably running!

Thanks Beverly for your responses and your awesome work! For more information about Volunteering, check out our Volunteer page.

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