Thinkery21 Recap: Intern Edition



Note: Ali is the spring 2014 Marketing Intern- thanks Ali for this fun writeup of March’s Thinkery21! Our next event is May 8th and tickets are available now!

I’ve been at the Thinkery since the beginning of January. Before that, I interned with an event planning company that worked with the Thinkery for their VIP event. Because of that, I’ve gotten about 3-4 tours of the Museum (even before it was open!). Needless to say, I’m now very well versed in all the great things the Thinkery has to offer. But despite being very familiar with the Thinkery, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed:
My absolute and overwhelming desire to play with everything in the Museum (and outside, on our Climber).

Climber (8)

Apparently I’m not the only adult that feels that way! Thinkery’s program Thinkery21, an adults-only event, is a great chance for everyone my age and older to come in and experience everything the Museum has to offer – and more! Thinkery21 brings in various guests for live demonstrations, hands-on activities, and even dance instructions and DJing.

This past Thinkery21 was themed “Unquiely Austin” and celebrated our favorite city. The event featured many very cool and local people and businesses. There were breakfast tacos! And a nail painting section! It was a lot of fun.
However my favorite part about the entire night was watching these grown-ups play with all of our normal exhibits the same way the kids who visit do: eagerly! Everyone was so excited to play, build, and explore.

P1040343  P1040361  P1040381 P1040454 P1040491 P1040560

It’s refreshing as a college senior(stressed with assignments, job prospects, and deadlines) to know that my desire for play isn’t diminished. If anything, play time is more welcome now more than ever because it’s such a rarity in our lives!

Thinkery21 is a reminder that even adults need a little play time…before our bed times.

For more information on Thinkery21, ticket prices, and what’s to come, visit:


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