A Visit from the Dumpster Project


Note: This post was put together by one of our awesome Volunteens, Sian!

Trash in an Avg. American Home: 4.5 lbs/day
Dumpster: 0
Avg. energy: 11000 kwh
Dumpster: 0
Avg. space: 2480 ft^2
Dumpster: 33 ft^2


Avg. Water Usage: 400 gal/day
Dumpster: 4 gal/day


Imagine living in a modified dumpster to help the entire world become more efficient, to teach people environmental science, and to change the way we do things in our households. Crazy, right? Well that is what Professor Jeff Wilson of The Dumpster Project and Huston-Tillotson University does every day. The place he calls home is a refurbished, 33 square foot dumpster with an actual residential address. The dumpster home along with the Dumpster Project visited the Thinkery this past weekend to celebrate upcycling, simple living, and reusing materials (kinda like our new exhibit Junk!). Check out some of the photos from the visit below!

IMG_9866 dumpster-project (3) dumpster-project (4)IMG_9862

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