Volunteen Guest Post: Chocolate Pretzels


One last time for the holiday season, our awesome Volunteen April has put together a delicious at home activity to do. Make these Pretzel Rods as a treat for yourself, or share with friends and family!


How to make Chocolate Pretzel Rods


–         chocolate morsels

–         pretzel rods

–         sprinkles (optional)

–         pretzel rod bags (optional)

–         vegetable oil (optional)

–         parchment paper



1)      Lay your parchment paper on a big flat surface

2)      Put chocolate morsels in pot and place on a low temperature initially (just enough to melt it), before reducing it to a low temperature; or microwave for about 30 seconds, stir, and microwave for another 30 seconds. It may help to add a bit of vegetable oil at a time to make the chocolate easier to handle. Constantly stir the chocolate.


3)      Dip a pretzel rod one at a time in the chocolate (still warm, still on a low temperature). Use a spoon to scoop chocolate onto the pretzel if your pot is unfortunately wider than you’d like it to be (or move chocolate to cups for better dipping ability). Excess chocolate can be drizzled later on or saved for other treats!


4)      Place the chocolate-covered pretzel rods on the layed-out parchment paper to cool down.

5)      OPTIONAL: Add sprinkles to the pretzel rods before they cool down.

6)      OPTIONAL: After the chocolate on the pretzels are solidified, drizzle excess chocolate.

7)      OPTIONAL: Place completely cooled and finished pretzel rods in bags to give out to all of your friends and families!




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