Volunteen Guest Post: Make a Shoebox Organizer


Volunteen is our youth volunteer and employment readiness program offering opportunities for teenagers to engage in fun and meaningful work at the Thinkery preparing them for future endeavors. This post was authored by one of our fantastic volunteensSally! Thanks for the great writeup & fun weekend activity, Sally! 

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Summer wrapped up, and school is in session! Cleaning and organizing may seem like a hassle and tiresome, but it can be engaging and enjoyable while keeping everything clean and tidy for your school year. Instead of buying organizing supplies, make your own using materials you have at home to save money and the environment!


  • Shoebox or other rectangular material
  • Toilet paper rolls or other cylinder shaped material
  • Glue
  • Paint and Paintbrush
  • Construction/colored paper
  • Scissors




1.  Paint and decorate the toilet paper rolls


2.  Paint or cover the shoebox with scrapbook paper or construction paper

3.  After the rolls has dried, put glue along the bottom circle edge

4.  Place and line up the rolls inside the shoebox until it has filled the entire space

5.  Stuff your supplies in the rolls and you’re done!

6. (optional) You could use clothespins to hold your notes!

But wait, that’s not the end! Try different sizes and shapes! There are other various layouts and designs to shape your organizer. Go to Pinterest for more creative ideas to incorporate in your own personal design. Have fun!


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