What’s new at Thinkery


What’s new at Thinkery

Thinkery is always looking for new ways to update and improve our Exhibits and programs. You may or may not have heard about all the new additions we’ve recently introduced to Thinkery. So let us tell you all about them!  These fun new interactive exhibits are sure to delight your little ones on your next visit.


New in LightLab

There are two new exhibit components to play within Light Lab: the Yahoo! AR Projection Table and Kaleidoscope Towers.                                                                 

The AR Projection Table is a computer projector and a Kinect 3D camera – the same camera used in video games. Cool, right? The Kinect camera is positioned above the table and detects the distance from the table, blocks, or even your hand on it. The projector displays a colorful visualization that changes as you or your little one move the objects around.  The Kinect uses changes in where and how far you move to determine the colors displayed!  

The Kaleidoscope Towers use light and translucent filters to display a rotating, colorful pattern on surrounding surfaces. Each tower has two cylinders—one nesting inside another. A light source at the center of each tower emits white light but displays different colors as it passes through the translucent colored filters. Shadows are also created due to some of the light being blocked by opaque pieces of the cylinders. Little ones can interact by spinning the base of the towers, in turn creating kaleidoscope patterns on the surrounding area.


Snug Play joins Move Studio

A new experience has been rolled out in Move Studio!  Snug Play is a combination of modular, moveable pieces that encourage open-ended play for all ages. Children will be inspired to use cooperative play to move and manipulate pieces. Kiddos are encouraged to be creative and use their imaginations as they slide, turn and rearrange pieces.

Snug Play invites children of all abilities by providing multi-sensory experiences and promotes inclusive play by encouraging communication and cooperation. From sitting and climbing to lifting and balancing children are exploring and learning. Move on up to the second floor to check out this fun new Exhibit.

Our Backyard Adventure add

Not one, not two, but THREE chalkboard spinners are now whirling with joy in Our Backyard! These chalkboard spinners will provide kiddos with an opportunity to draw unique markings with chalk as they spin it around. Come spin by and see how the chalk markings change as you speed up or slow down.

Plus, Imagination Playground will relocate to Events Courtyard. Come to build and create your own backyard adventure at Thinkery!

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