Early Learners Outreach

Early Learners Outreach is a new Thinkery program that engages children ages 2–5 years in Early Learner classrooms by bringing new experiences into a familiar environment. Each 30–60 minute program meets Texas 0–3 Guidelines, Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and offers dynamic hands-on and minds-on exploration. Each program promotes critical thinking while fostering playful collaboration and exploration.

Programs are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays with 9:30 am, 11:30 am or 1:30 pm start times. To learn more or register, please contact Molli Newcomb, Early Learners Coordinator at mnewcomb@thinkeryaustin.org.

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  • These specially designed programs are developmentally appropriate for Pre-K and K, ages 2–5 years.
  • Thinkery’s Early Learners staff will travel offsite to a Pre-K and K site to deliver these interactive programs.
  • Format: 1 hour program for up to 20 children OR Two, 30 minutes sessions for up to 20 children (10 each session); includes 1–2 Thinkery Early Learner Educators; activities and materials for hands-on exploration; one topic option per program/session.
  • Registration: Contact Molli Newcomb, Early Learners Coordinator at mnewcomb@thinkeryaustin.org to reserve a program.
  • Thinkery is committed to serving the community and bringing innovative, hands-on learning experiences to your location. In order to serve our community, there will be an additional fee for destinations further than 20 miles from Thinkery (1830 Simond Ave, 78723)


Blast Off!
(Ages 2–5 years)
Make it Go!
(Ages 2–5 years)
Coming Soon!
Children will clap, whack and stomp their way to the sky with an interactive exploration of rockets! Thinkery STEAM Educators will provide materials for children to build and launch their own models, while guiding them through an investigation of the forces that put them into motion. Children will build a mega track to put to the test! Together, they’ll tinker and make a LEGO® car to explore ideas about energy. Thinkery STEAM Educators will guide them through a hands-on investigation about ramps, angles, friction and more! Keep your eyes peeled! Stay tuned for additional Early Learners Outreach opportunities!



$350 (up to 20 students for 60 minutes) | $100 (each consecutive 60 minute session)
Tuesdays and Thursdays. 9:30 am, 11:30 am or 1:30 pm start times


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Thinkery also offers Thinkery To-Go, a community program that brings Thinkery to your event.