Come play with us! Enjoy a night of playful exploration with thematic activities during Family Night, Thinkery’s exclusive after-hours event for families.

Family Night – Halloween Hootenanny

Saturday, October 26 from 6-9 pm



Member Child/Adult: $14

Standard Child/Adult: $16

(FREE for children 0–23 months)


Celebrate Halloween, Thinkery-style. Dress in your Halloween best and make this fall celebration spellbindingly fun for all!  Enjoy a variety of spooky, gross and silly hands-on STEAM activities for kids and adults as you enjoy this holiday spooktacular.


Event Activities:

  • Mummy Wrapping- How fast can you turn a friend or family member into a mummy? Use fabric strips and a timer to find out!
  • Spider Climber– What makes a spider a spider? Explore our 8-legged friends in Thinkery’s Climber exhibit.
  • Let’s SCREAM For Ice Cream! – Help yourself to a sample and see what curious flavors Lick Honest Ice Creams has in store!
  • Costume Parade – Stomp like a monster, stagger like a zombie. However you move, you’ll have a great time showing off your costumes in a group parade.
  • Reptiles Abound! – Come see a variety of reptiles & amphibians. Learn the truth about these animals as the Austin Reptile Service dispels the myths that surround them!
  • Pumpkin-drumkin - Explore circuitry and watch pumpkins come to life with this special drum set.
  • Get Bot Bit – Watch as 4546 SnakeByte robotics team from Vandergrift High School demo their latest robot creation and try out some super awesome science experiments!
  • Unearthly Feast – Chow down on some tasty treats including spaghetti and eggplant parmesan provided by Stella Public House.
  • Wingardium Lift-iosa! – Catch wind of how air pressure casts a spell on inflatable Jack-O-Lanterns at the Bernouli Blowers, and make them levitate before your very eyes!
  • Kill the Lights, Igor! – It’s alive!! Create your very own Halloween linkage characters and bring them to life in a Shadow Puppet spectacle in Thinkery’s Spark Shop.
  • Spooky Cinema – Don your Director’s hat and animate a stop-motion masterpiece at Thinkery’s Animation Station starring Halloween’s most horrifying headliners!
  • Child’s Play – Get your hands on today’s hit Halloween playthings as well as classic toys of the past with Toybrary Austin!
  • Freaky Flyers – Craft a creepy companion and watch as it takes flight in our Windtube! Warning: You might just be blown away.
  • In the Eye of the Fly – Test how well you know the microscopic world with the Micro-Eye! Can you tell dog’s fur from a werewolf’s?
  • Electrifying Concoctions – Visit the WINS (Women in Natural Science) laboratory from UT Austin for a hair-raising good time making slime and other cool potions.
  • Things That Go Glow In The Dark - Create the next bright idea with Glow In The Dark Boards!
  • Fly Me To The Moon – All systems go! Send a rocket into the Thinkery-sphere with Longhorn Rocketry Association.
  • Spooky Tunes – Learn how to play some new Halloween themed songs at Thinkery’s Tube Tunes station!
  • Get To Know Your Blood – Take a deep dive into the properties of your blood and snap a photo with We Are Blood!
  • Corridor of Secrets – Crawl through Thinkery’s annual hall of mystery using UV flashlights to search for hidden messages.
  • Shiver City Pops – Listen and shake your ghoul thing to Halloween medleys by the River City Pops!


Ticketed one-time program:

Tickets sold for one-time programs are nonrefundable.


About Family Night

Each Family Night explores a different topic, but all include access to Thinkery’s exhibits and a cash bar with snacks, kid-friendly drinks, beer and wine. Depending on each evening’s lineup, you can enjoy entertaining performances, play educational games, tinker with Austin makers, learn from local scientists or explore cutting-edge technology.

Cancellation Policy

Thinkery will not issue a refund for the cost of the ticket if you are unable to attend the event. Thinkery reserves the right to cancel a program if registration for the event does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements. If Thinkery cancels a program, a full refund will be issued to all registrants.

Please note, Thinkery cannot validate parking in the McBee Street District Garage for special events or programs occurring outside of our General Admission operating hours.