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Gingerbread Fun Run

Gingerbread Fun Run 1K

A family run for kids of all abilities!

Saturday, November 17, 2018, 9am-noon


Get ready to run, run as fast as you can, Austin. Kick off the holiday season with a special Gingerbread Fun Run for kids—it’s almost 1K! Your task: Go as fast as you can while chasing Thinkery’s festive Gingerbread Man around Mueller Lake Park across from Thinkery. Enjoy seasonal hands-on activities for the entire family before and after the run in Mueller Park—and inside the museum, of course!

Thinkery is teaming up with Variety – the Children’s Charity of Texas to ensure this Fun Run is open and accessible to kids of all abilities. The mostly paved and mostly flat route around Mueller Lake is wheelchair- and walker-accessible, with one unpaved 30-foot section covered in decomposed granite.

Presented in partnership with Variety Texas.


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Explore Science: Let’s Do Chemistry

Explore Science: Let’s Do Chemistry

All Ages

General Admission

Come to take part in our chemistry-themed drop-in activities on October 27th check out the “Explore Science: Let’s Do Chemistry” event! Join us for crazy chemistry activities all day long, part of a nationwide festival of educational programs that experiment, explore, and tackle challenges with chemistry. We will set up hands-on activities throughout the museum as pop up stations and invite families to engage and learn about chemistry in fun, exploratory ways – alongside real scientists.
  • Build a Battery 
    • The Let's Do Chemistry "Build a Battery" activity lets participants learn how batteries work and how materials behave, change, and interact by building their own simple battery out of metal and felt washers. They can use their battery to power an LED or a buzzer. This style of battery is similar to the original "voltaic pile" battery.
  • Cleaning Oil Spills with Chemistry 
    • "Cleaning Oil Spills with Chemistry" is a longer activity than many of the others in this kit. Participants will learn how different materialsinteract, and problem-solve to clean up a miniature model "oil spill." Which method (or combination of methods) works best?
  • Chemistry is Colorful 
    • Chemistry is Colorful encourages visitors to explore materials through paper chromatography. This process highlights the properties of different pigments blended together in a marker by creating a colorful chromatogram. Can participants solve the mystery of which ink came from which marker?
  • Chemistry Makes Scents 
    • The "Chemistry Makes Scents" lets participants use their noses to distinguish between chemicals with very similar structures. Some molecule pairs contain all the same elements, arranged the same way but flipped in a "mirror image." While these chemicals can behave similarly, they often have very different properties (including the way they smell). The activity also uses large molecule models, so participants can handle and visualize their structural differences.
  • Molecules in Motion 
    • "Molecules in Motion" explores how materials behave and change in a vacuum. Participants can experiment with putting various objects in a small vacuum chamber and then observing the objects as air is removed from the chamber.
  • Nature of Dye
    • "Nature of Dye" allows participants to create their own dyes and art while exploring how chemicals interact, and how these interactions can have real-world applications. Participants predict, observe, and share what they notice as they experiment with the dye. What's your favorite color to mix?
  • Rocket Reactions
    • The "Rocket Reactions" activity is an exciting way to learn about how materials interact, behave, and change. Participants make little baking soda and vinegar "rockets," launching plastic caps into the air, and experimenting to discover the best mix of fuel for their rocket
  • Sublimation Bubbles 
    • "Sublimation Bubbles" how some solid materials can sublimate directly into their liquid form. Participants use water to observe dry ice sublimating into gaseous carbon dioxide, and then capture the gas in soapy bubbles.
  • What’s in the Water
    • "What's in the Water" lets participants use tools to solve a mystery: what chemicals and compounds are in a sample of water. By investigating with a variety of tools and techniques learners understand how chemistry can help us explore, understand, and solve problems.
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