Summer Guided Tours

Any group travelling by bus or with more than 10 children must schedule a visit in advance. We cannot guarantee admission for groups without reservations.

Groups experience Thinkery through a 90 minute hands-on tour of exciting exhibits and activities. Our Backyard Climber and the Thinkery Store are not included in tours.

During the summer, tours have a maximum capacity of 60 children. Tours are divided into groups of 15-20 children, each led by a Thinkery staff member. Groups explore four different galleries in 20 minute rotations. To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all, we require one adult for every five students.

Exhibits in your tour include: Innovator’s Workshop | Spark Shop | Currents | Light Lab

To request a Thinkery Guided Tour:

  • Please submit a tour request form below
  • Thinkery staff will contact you to confirm your tour date and time based on availability.
  • You will receive an invoice with two balances:
    • Tour Guide Reservation Fee (non-refundable )- Due within 3 business days of confirming the tour.
    • Student Guided Tour Admission – Due on your tour date for the exact number of students attending the tour.

All reservations are tentative until the non-refundable Tour Guide Reservation fee has been received within 3 business days of confirming the availability for your group. If the fee is not received, we will release your tour .


Registration for Summer 2017 will open on March 1, 2017.

Dates & Times

    9:30-11:00 a.m.        11:30-1:00 p.m.        1:30-3:00 p.m.

June 7th through August 18th

Pre-K-5th Grade Tuesday-Friday
No Tour Tuesday There are no tours scheduled on the first Tuesday of the month.




Tour Guide Reservation fee (Non-Refundable)
  • $25 for 1 guide (groups of 20 or fewer children)
  • $50 for 2 guides (groups of 21-50 children)
  • $75 for 3 guides (groups 51-60 children)
Teachers Free admission with badge

$2-$6.00 per student (Based on Title I status)




Chaperones pay the student tour admission price. Chaperone tickets are not available via presale, but will be purchased on the day of the visit.

Thinkery Members For Thinkery members, we extend the courtesy of one free chaperone admission for the member cardholder.


More information to come.


Cancellation Policy

Reservations are not confirmed until the non-refundable Tour Guide Reservation fee has been received. Full payment is due the day of the tour. All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges. Groups with fewer students than reserved will receive admit-one tickets to Thinkery (one ticket for each student that is paid for but is not attending).

Questions? Please contact the School Programs Specialist, Denise MacLeod, at


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Can I bring my group at a different time?

Due to the nature of our Guided Tours schedule, we are unable to allow tours to start at different times.  If a group arrives early for a tour, the group will need to wait outside the museum until the assigned start time when a Thinkery Staff member will escort them in. If a group arrives late, we will not be able to extend the tour, but we will do our best to accommodate as much as possible with the remaining time. We adhere to our schedule therefore we ask groups to arrive and depart on time.


How many students can I bring on a Guided Tour to Thinkery?

In order to ensure that everyone, both Guided Tours and other visitors, have an enjoyable experience at Thinkery, we have a maximum capacity 60 students per tour during the summer months.


How do I pay for my tour and tour guide reservation fee?

Payment can be in the form of a check written to Thinkery, credit card, or Purchase Order. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Contact the Reservations Coordinator at 512-469-6201 to make a payment by credit card. The reservationist hours are from 9:00-5:00 p.m. Due to high volume of calls please leave a message and our Reservations Coordinator will get back to you shortly.


Why is there a non-refundable tour guide reservation fee?

This fee covers the cost of reserving tour guides, while providing attendance flexibility.


Does the non-refundable tour guide reservation fee apply toward the tour admission total?

Due to the structure of the summer tours, the tour guide reservation fee does not apply toward the tour admission total or chaperone admission. A separate payment for the exact number of students must be paid prior to or at the time of your tour


Can I add additional guides the day of the tour?

We cannot guarantee entry for groups larger than reserved, so please be accurate when requesting the number of guides. If additional guides are required day of, you will be charged an additional $25 overage fee per guide.


Can I make changes to my group tour numbers after I’ve scheduled my tour?

Changes can be made to the group size by contacting the School Programs Specialist, Denise MacLeod at or 512-469-6218. A new invoice will be sent with the updated amount due.  Groups with fewer students than reserved will receive general admission tickets to Thinkery (one ticket for each student that is paid for, but is not attending.)


How many adults should I bring with my group?

We require one adult for every five students in the group. Teachers and other adults help tour guides engage students throughout the museum to ensure a meaningful, fun, and safe experience.


What is the cost for chaperones?

While school teachers receive free admission to Thinkery, chaperones pay the student Guided Tour admission price ($2-$6.00 based on Title I status)

Although Thinkery Member benefits do not apply to the Guided Tours program, we do extend the courtesy of one free chaperone admission for the member cardholder.

Chaperones should proceed upstairs to the Reservations window (located in the Thinkery Administrative Offices) to pay admission and receive a chaperone badge.


Do you allow re-entry after the tour?

For safety, all groups and chaperones will depart from the Group Entry after their Guided Tour is complete.

If families would like to continue playing in the museum after their tour, please exit the building with the group and return to the main entrance to check in and pay admission at the front desk. Groups must be in ratio in order to be admitted.


My group’s primary language is not English.  Are bilingual guides available?

If your group needs a bilingual tour guide please be sure to note that on your request.  We will try our very best to provide tour guides who are fluent in Spanish or American Sign Language.  Since bilingual guides are not always available, teachers should be prepared to translate, or interpret, when needed.


Can my group have lunch at Thinkery?

Thinkery does not have an onsite location for groups to eat lunch.  If you are interested in a picnic lunch, we recommend using one of the nearby city parks on either side of the Mueller Neighborhood, Patterson Park off of Airport Blvd or Bartholomew Park off of 51st St.

Mueller Lake Park, located directly across the street from Thinkery, is a neighborhood park overseen by the Mueller development. Inquires should be sent to the Mueller Central office at


Are the exhibits relevant to the TEKS? 

Yes, each exhibit relates to various science, technology, engineering, art, and/or math K-5 TEKS. For more information, check out our TEKS and Thinkery Exhibits Reference Guide.