The Very Nervous Caterpillar is a special collaboration between ZACH Theatre and Thinkery.

Thinkery School & Group Programs - The Very Nervous Caterpillar

In this unique and interactive 90-minute guided tour and theater experience, students meet a Caterpillar who is too nervous to come out of its chrysalis and is having a very bad day.

Join Thinkery tour guides and ZACH Theatre actors around the museum as students meet Chef the Hare, Mole the Artist, Beaver the Plumber, Dr. Adventurous the Inventor, and an Aviator Penguin to help them solve problems connected to science TEKS. As expert scientists, students will get a clue from each character that will help Caterpillar feel safe and confident through its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.

This tour is only for Pre-K–2nd grade and offered on limited dates and times.

For a safe and comfortable experience, Thinkery requires 1 adult chaperone for every 5 students; chaperones within the 1:5 ratio will receive complimentary admission.

Chaperones paying the day-of visit will be charged $10 each.

The Very Nervous Caterpillar” is sold out! Email if you would like to join the waitlist. 

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