From the Floor: A Thinker and Lego Robotics


A Thinker and Lego Robotics

Written by Claire Blakely, Thinker | From the Floor Series | November 5, 2015


Hi, I’m Claire Blakely and I’m a Thinker at the Thinkery!IMG_0045


When I was in elementary school, I was not afforded the opportunity to do robotics, and it wasn’t until the eighth grade (when I first joined a robotics team) that I found a passion for it. While focusing on my Gold Award for Girl Scouts, I realized I wanted to give back to my community; an opportunity I did not receive.  For me, that was robotics at an elementary school level.


For two years, I started and mentored three FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams at elementary schools that fed into Anderson High School, marking one of the first times a robotics program had been sustained at all schools that fed into Anderson.


With this initial success, I also wrote a FLL Survival Guide for the Austin area, detailing everything from starting to maintaining a robotics team. By publishing this Survival Guide on numerous websites, it is my goal to provide every potential robotics member with the resources to create a robotics teams throughout the Austin area.

Click here to take a look and download the FFL Survival Guide created by Claire Blakely

Article written by Claire Blakely, Thinker.
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