Any group traveling by bus or with more than 10 students must schedule a visit in advance. We cannot guarantee admission for groups without reservations. Reserve a visit by submitting a request form below.

Play with a purpose!

Thinkery Field Trips provide a playful, hands-on experience for students, teachers and chaperones to nurture creativity, collaboration, and problem solving skills, while building STEAM knowledge. Our field trips empower students and chaperones to freely explore our galleries at their own pace in smaller, self-guided groups. Students experience more when traveling in these smaller groups rather than together as an entire class.

We create an educational environment infused with excitement and hands-on interactions through special Thinkery-facilitated activities and access to multiple galleries. Galleries and activities are aligned to Texas Education Agency guidelines for Pre-K–5th grade. A typical field trip is 2.5 hours, though teachers may choose the time they prefer to leave.

For a safe and comfortable experience, Thinkery Field Trips requires 1 adult chaperone for every 5 students; chaperones within the 1:5 ratio will receive complimentary admission. Additional chaperones (more than 1:5) and siblings will pay $10 each on the day of the visit for their admission.

Galleries: Innovators’ Workshop • Let’s Grow (Designated for only Pre-K through 1st grade) • Spark ShopLight Lab • Currents • Earth, Wind, InspireOur Backyard • Kitchen Lab • Events Courtyard • Story Nook • Special Activities in Program Rooms