STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend – November 17


Written by Alana Hughes, Digital Marketing Intern. 

Between school, homework, practice and spending time with loved ones, it’s easy to miss out on the latest in science, technology, engineering, art and math. But don’t worry, Thinkery’s got you covered. Here are some of our favorite STEAM discoveries from the previous week. It’s fuel for your weekend.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Jupiter

Members of the public are working with NASA to process some of the most incredible images of Jupiter ever seen! On November 6, NASA released raw images of Jupiter that were taken by the Juno Probe during its eighth flyby of the planet. When data typically comes back from a spacecraft, it needs to be corrected and edited for issues like distortion, color and brightness. In this case, the raw images of Jupiter are somewhat gray and grainy. Usually, NASA scientists process these images themselves but for this project they are doing things differently. NASA is reaching out to members of the amateur space community to help with photo processing and is even asking the public which parts of the planet they would like to be photographed in the future. Now, any member of the public can download and process these images as they please. Click here to see these stunning images as they are uploaded to the Juno Mission website.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Jeremy May Jewelry
Photo Credit: Jeremy May

Jeremy May is a jewelry maker that just released some brand-new work made from the layered pages of books! To make these abstract pieces, he laminates hundreds of sheets of paper together, creates the desired shape of the piece and finishes it with a glossy coating. May often creates his pieces from books that he finds inspiring, although most of the texts original words are not visible on the final product. Click here to check out his new line of work!

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Tubbataha Reef
Photo Credit: David Doubilet, National Geographic

In an isolated part of the Sulu Sea, about 90 miles off the coast of the Philippines, lies the Tubbataha Reef, one of the world’s most pristine and biodiverse reefs. This is primarily thanks to diver Angelique Songco, who has been working to protect this beautiful marine environment since her first visit in 1981. While reefs around the world have struggled to survive, Tubbataha is thriving thanks to the public support that Songco has built around the reef. Tubbataha is currently one of the world’s best dive sites and is home to 600 species of fish, 360 coral species and 13 species of whales and dolphins. Yet as climate change, pollution and illegal fishing persist, the fight to preserve this underwater ecosystem is far from over. Click here to learn more about this amazing reef!

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