Grown ups can enjoy an evening at the Thinkery on their own.  At Thinkery21 we close the museum to kids and let adults, ages 21 and up, eat, drink and mingle while experiencing innovative science and art.

Each evening explores a different topic, but all include a cash bar, special activities and delicious nibbles from Austin food trucks. Depending on each evening’s lineup, enjoy live performances by local artists and musicians, dive into a topic with inventive scientists and explore cutting-edge technology with programmers and designers.

Tickets are $15 per person purchased in advance and $20 at the door.

Thinkery21: The Pursuit of Hoppiness: Beer Science
Thursday, May 21, 2015
7-10 pm


Tap into Austin’s expertise and enthusiasm for beer at the next Thinkery21. Join the Thinkery and the masterminds from some of Austin’s finest local breweries to explore the wonders and science of this delicious libation. We’ll ponder such questions as:  How do different kinds of hops affect the flavor of beer? What does it take to brew beer at home? Is there a bigger way to play beer pong, like with a catapult or trebuchet?

Uber & Thinkery21

Thinkery21 continues to be a hit, and our upcoming event, The Pursuit of Hoppiness, is sold out. We’d expect nothing less with giant trebuchet beer pong, beers-and-bugs tastings, and tons of homebrew experts on deck.

We want everyone who nabbed a ticket to stay safe when the revelry ends. That’s why we’ve partnered with Uber to offer first-time users a free ride of up to $20. If you’re feeling a bit too soused, use the promo code THINKERY to get home safe and dream of hops and grains.


The evening’s line up includes:

  • Hops Infusions – Taste the flavor and aroma impact of different hop varieties with Hops & Grains.
  • Comparing Grains – Sample a variety of grains and explore how this foundation of beer affects flavor with Austin Beerworks.
  • Microscopic World of Yeast – Independence Brewing Co. reveals the world of this single-celled organism that helps make beer bubbly and alcoholic.
  • Wild Fermentation – If you’re interested in having naturally occurring microorganisms in the air and on the surfaces of organic matter ferment your beer, try a Jester Kings
  • Build a Beer – Brew a batch with Austin Homebrew Supply. See how easy it is to be a brew master in your kitchen or backyard.
  • Homebrew Ingredients Petting Zoo – Austin Homebrew Supply walks you through the ingredients needed to make your own beer.
  • Beer & Bugs Pairings – Hopper pairs edible insects with craft beer. Expand your gastronomic horizons and your palette.
  • Beer & Cheese Pairings – The art of beer and cheese pairing with the brewer and beer educator from NXNW.
  • Impaired Portraits by McLendon Photography – Watch in awe as your face is contorted into a hilarious caricature. See yourself as if you’ve had one too many.
  • Beer Trivia – Test your beer knowledge with Buzztime trivia games.
  • Bar Signs & Star Gazing – Astronomers from UT’s Astronomy Program explain what neon bar signs and stars billions of miles away have in common.
  • Catapult Beer Pong – Beer Pong with a boost. Build your own catapult and challenge a friend to a game.
  • Trebuchet Beer Pong – Super-sized Beer Pong demonstrations. No beer will be harmed or wasted in this activity.
  • Giant Quarters – This version of the classic game requires a little more force.
  • Are you a Super Taster? – See if you have the tongue made to be a cicerone.
  • Science of Getting Drunk – Find out how alcohol inhibits brain signals in a game akin to dodgeball.

Delicious local food for purchase:

Like Thinkery21? Check out our annual fundraising gala Imaginarium, coming September 25 at the JW Marriott.


Stay tuned for news for the next Thinkery21s:
Thinkery21: Inkery
Thursday, July 9, 2015
7-10 pm
From tattoos to henna, from tie-dye to squid, join us for an evening exploring ink. More event details coming soon.

Thinkery21: Pantone-monium: Explore the Science of Color and Light
Thursday, August 20, 2015
7-10 pm
Brighten your perception – explore the science and art of  color. More event details coming soon.

Please note: Thinkery21 is for adults 21+ only. There will be a cash bar (please bring cash as there’s not an ATM on site).

Thinkery21 Cancellation Policy: The Thinkery will not issue a refund for the cost of the ticket if you are unable to attend the event. The Thinkery reserves the right to cancel a program if registration for the event does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements.  If the Thinkery cancels a program, a full refund will be issued to all registrants.