Amplify Austin Is March 5–6—We Need Your Support!


1962777_10152755679858006_8639107983403049780_nNext week we’re excited to celebrate and participate in Amplify Austin, starting at 6 pm on Thursday, March 5. Amplify Austin is the 24-hour giving day where hundreds of nonprofits across the city raise awareness about their mission and also raise funds to make their goals happen!

Check out our Amplify page!

As a non-profit, the Thinkery is thrilled to participate in Amplify this year- not just to raise funds, but to raise awareness of a number of our programs and our mission for the community.

The museum relies on community support to keep admission rates affordable for visitors, to implement exciting programs for our audiences, to offer innovative outreach models for children from low-income communities, and extend our reach in the greater Austin community. In our first year, we welcomed over 520,000 visitors! Thanks to community support, a sliding fee scale helped over 25,000 children visit through our school tour program, and 1 in every 10 visitors currently use our Open Door policy to visit for free or reduced admission for those in need.

As a nonprofit we rely on contributions from our community to make sure we deliver on our mission and serve all children, regardless of financial background. Your donation keeps the museum affordable and running on full STEAM!

Thinkery Grand opening 2013 Thinkery Grand opening 2013 Thinkery Grand opening 2013 Farmer's Market

How you can help be a part of Amplify with the Thinkery:

1) Be a donor: Join us from March 5 at 6 pm March 6 at 6 pm, & make a gift to the Thinkery (along with any of the hundreds of nonprofits participating in Amplify Austin). In case you’re worried you might forget, you can even schedule your gift today! Start giving here!

2) Create an individual fundraising page: Amplify Austin offers you the opportunity to create your own personal campaign to raise money for local nonprofits supporting your passion. As an individual fundraiser, you set the goal, you get the word out, and you become a champion for your cause. Individual fundraising pages can be created until the day of Amplify, March 6 Creating an individual campaign is easy- CREATE AN ACCOUNT HERE

3) Share via social media. Last year, social networks were one of the primary mediums people used to share information about Amplify Austin. Engaging with the Thinkery Amplify posts/tweets/Instagrams/pins/etc this coming week, or posting your own, or sharing your own individual fundraising page will help us leverage the passion and interest from the community!

We’re excited to hear all that happens with Amplify Austin, not just with the Thinkery but with all the amazing organizations involved in this event!

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