Behind the Scenes at Thinkery


Written by: Taylor Rather, Marketing and Communications Intern

As my time at Thinkery comes to a close, it’s interesting for me to look back on this incredible journey. Just three short months ago I remember nervously walking through those doors and immediately feeling right at home. That’s just how Thinkery is though- everyone is smiling, welcoming, and just wanting you to feel comfortable. I knew during my laid back interview with the coolest boss of all time (shout out to Kate Stevenson), that this is where I wanted to spend my semester- as Thinkery’s newest Marketing and Communications Intern.

Since I didn’t grow up in Austin, I wasn’t really familiar with the museum. It was only during my search for an internship that I stumbled upon this special place. During my first few days, Kate showed me around the museum, and I was instantly delighted. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their time tinkering with 3D printers, building circuits in Space 8, or splashing around and learning all about water in the currents exhibit. I am 20 years old and found myself enjoying a children’s museum. And even though the museum itself is awesome, it’s the people that make it as special as it is. Of course everyone knows that the museum floor staff are great. They are smart, kind, patient, and just plain fun to be around. What most people don’t get to see though is the behind the scenes work. The administration section of the museum is tucked away in the corner of the second floor, so museum goers don’t get to see how special this admin team really is.

I worked specifically with the marketing team, and let me just tell you how great these people are. Kate Stevenson, Amiee Gonzales, and Lauren Bradshaw were really inspirational. They spend countless hours crafting newsletters, sending social media posts, nailing down annual reports, designing all the cute graphics you see, and patiently answering way too many questions from their curious intern (aka me). Their passion and drive, along with the rest of the very hardworking Thinkery Admin, make this museum tick. Learning and innovation mold how they do everything and it was incredible to see it all happen from the inside. The Admin team taught me how passion and drive can make a team work together to accomplish the coolest things.

Being an intern here was unlike any experience I’ve ever had. I came in not knowing what to expect, and am leaving knowing more about marketing and communications than any college course could have taught me. Thinkery is a place unlike any other, and I hope that other students get a chance to see this museum from backstage and see how all the staff brings something unique to the table. I am so thankful for this internship and even more thankful for the people I got to know.
A big thank you to Thinkery family- keep being awesome!!


Taylor Intern



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