Early Learners Workshops begin!

Photo by Gustavo D'Oliveira
Photo by Gustavo D’Oliveira

Young children are natural scientists. Soon after they learn to speak they begin asking ‘What’, ‘How’ and ‘Why’ on a daily basis. Like scientists, early learners are constantly observing, exploring and hypothesizing as they work to better understand how the world around them works. At the Thinkery we work to create environments rich with opportunities for children to explore and better understand their world. This week we are launching a series of workshops to help parents and young children observe, explore, make, learn and grow together.

For our youngest friends 6-24 months, we will explore the world of weather, something young children encounter everyday in Sign, Sing and Science (starting Wednesday). As we make music and move children practice gross motor skills and gain a deeper understanding of vocabulary bonding with their adults through shared time singing and playing. Young children have been known to acquire communication skills through sign language before they are able to speak, for children who are already speaking sign language enhances vocabulary-building through providing symbols or gestures that help them form associations with new words. Most importantly we’ll focus on having fun and learning via play exploring the science of weather by engaging all our senses!

earlylearners4Early Learners 18-36 months will work with their hands as they practice fine motor skills making different forms of transportation. Our Tinkering Tots class (starting Thursday) will incorporate music and movement to provide children a chance to bond with adults, explore new concepts and enhance their active listening skills. We will spend time exploring the mechanics of machines and the engineering behind building bridges in age appropriate and engaging ways. Participants will leave each class with the creations they made that day so they can go home and continue to play!

We’re so excited to start this new series at the Thinkery! Spaces are still available at this time for both classes and can be purchased online (under Event Type on the right, please select “Early Learners Workshops″) 


Bethany Lynn Corey is our Early Learners Manager. For information on Early Learning Programming please visit www.thinkeryaustin.org/earlylearners or contact Bethany at BCorey@thinkeryaustin.org


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