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Thinkery is partnering with Austin Public Libraries to provide programming for their Tween STEAM summer reading program. | Thinkery está colaborando con las bibliotecas públicas de Austin para ofrecer éste verano el programa Tween STEAM de lectura.

It’s back! This summer, Thinkery is expanding our EdExchange professional development program into several branches of the Austin Public Library system. The collaboration—a free summertime program, Tween STEAM—is an exploration of science, technology, engineering, art and math for local youth ages 8–12.

From programming to digital storytelling to paper circuits, each 90-minute Tween STEAM session engages pre-teens and tweens in STEAM topics.

We’re beyond thrilled to continue this collaboration with Austin Public Library and bring free STEAM programming to our community this summer. Tween STEAM runs through August 2—find a free program near you!

littleBits Theme Park | Parque de Atracciones usando littleBits
Create a carnival theme ride using littleBits (electronic building bits) gizmos and gadgets, recyclables and more! | Crea un parque de atracciones usando littleBits (bits de electricidad) y otros pequeños aparatos, materiales reciblables y más.

6/23 · 3:30 pm · University Hills
7/5 · 2 pm · Twin Oaks
7/11 · 3 pm · Yarborough
7/12 · 3 pm · Cepeda
7/14 · 2 pm · St. John
7/18 · 3 pm · Ruiz
7/28 · 3 pm · North Village
8/2 · 3 pm · Spicewood

Makey Makey Madness
Create a controller for playing games, making music, or other inventions using Makey Makey and conductive & recycled materials. Say goodbye to the keyboard and put your creativity to work. | Crea un control para jugar juegos, hacer música, o inventar otras cosas utilizando Makey Makey y materiales conductores de electricidad y reciclados. Dile adiós a la tecla y prueba tu creatividad.

7/7 · 2 pm · Howson
7/10 · 2 pm · Manchaca
7/13 · 2 pm · Old Quarry
7/20 · 2 pm · Terrazas

Paper Circuits | Circuitos de Papel
Combine creativity and circuitry to make your own artwork that lights up using copper tape, batteries and LEDs. | Combina la creatividad y los circuitos para crear tu propia obra de arte, que se ilumina utilizando cinta de cobre, baterías y luces de LED.

7/19 · 3 pm · Spicewood
7/24 · 3 pm · Hampton @ Oak Hill

Stop Motion Animation | Videos de Animación
We will supply the cameras, software and materials for you to create a digital storytelling movie masterpiece! | ¡Proporcionaremos las cámaras, el software y los materiales para que crees tú película digital animada de cuadro por cuadro!

6/27 · 2 pm · Windsor Park
6/29 · 2 pm · Old Quarry
7/7 · 3 pm · Little Walnut
7/27 · 2 pm · Terrazas

Wire Wearables | Accesorios Electrónicos
Light up your wardrobe with conductive materials, circuitry and LEDs. | Ilumina tu ropa utilizando materiales conductores de electricidad, circuitos y luces LED.

6/27 · 3 pm · Yarborough
7/11 · 2 pm · Windsor
7/13 · 2 pm · Willie Mae Kirk
7/17 · 3 pm · Hampton @ Oak Hill

These activities are offered in collaboration with Thinkery. This project was made possible in part by Capital One, City of Austin GTOPS program, Dell and National Instruments.

Tween STEAM Paper Circuits

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