EdExchange empowers educators to use technology and innovative practices in diverse learning environments to inspire students in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

EdExchange participants collaborate with Thinkery staff, subject matter experts and each other during hands-on professional development workshops. Thinkery then provides six to eight weeks of onsite collaboration to support the cohort in delivering technology-based activities and lessons. EdExchange participants later share their experiences and projects during a special showcase.

Preference will be given to educators serving in Title I schools or historically low-income communities, and the program is recommended for educators working with students in 2nd–6th grades.

The 2017–18 professional development series covers the topics such as.

  • EdExchange Kickoff (September 6)
  • How to Have an Idea: Design Process & Thinking (September 20)
  • Tell Me a Story: Process & Tools to Create (October 4)
  • Electricity & Circuits (October 18)
  • Mechanics & Movement: Simple Machines (November 1)
  • Play, Program & Create (November 15)

All sessions are from 6–9 pm.

We are no longer accepting applications. We will open applications in Spring 2018!
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Participating Educators Receive

  • Invitations to EdExchange Meetups
  • 15 hours of professional development at Thinkery
  • Six to eight weeks of on-site collaboration with Thinkery Staff
  • $250 classroom supplies and materials stipend

Program Testimonials

“Our school is now working on creating a makerspace and integrating more hands-on learning into students’ every day experiences. Students have the opportunity to learn about innovative technologies that they didn’t have access to before I participated in the EdExchange.” —2015 participant

“My EdExchange experience was so inspiring! By providing me with a wide array of hands-on, trainings, I was able to take my new-found skills and knowledge of design thinking back to my campus. The STEAM educators from Thinkery encouraged us not to be afraid of failure, but to jump in and find creative, meaningful ways to implement these concepts into our own classrooms. It’s been an amazing experience for me and now my students are the lucky beneficiaries of the program as well!” 2016 participant

Program Sponsors

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