Spotted at Thinkery: Google’s Self-Driving Car


On Saturday, August 29th Google paired up with the Thinkery, home base for the next generation of innovators, to present their new Self-Driving technology to the Austin community. The day started with a line of eager guests ready to explore the science behind Google’s self-driving cars.

Many of you may have already seen Google’s Self-Driving SUV around town but hadn’t seen the new car that made its special debut on Saturday. Mayor Steve Adler announced to the press that Austin is the first city outside of Mountain View, California for testing the new compact two-seater, driverless car and that the new prototype will be hitting the streets soon!


Troy M. Livingston, our new CEO, started his Thinkery tenure with a bang! On Saturday, during regular business hours, he welcomed more than 3.390 visitors to the museum. Everyone wanted to see the electric car. Some visitors spent time enjoying  information sessions describing the software engineering which allows the cars to learn and predict traffic patterns.

“Innovation is part of the DNA of Austin”, said Mayor Adler during the press conference. And innovation is a core value of the Thinkery, which made it the perfect location for this exciting announcement! The Thinkery also holds playfulness and inclusion as key values and the play time continued well into the evening. Google, with support from Buie & CO., transformed the Thinkery into a special after hours event for some of our community’s business and technology leaders.

The Thinkery was thrilled to partner with Google to present the prototype to the community, host information sessions and a press conference. Thank you Google for your support of the Thinkery!

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