Keep Austin Beautiful…With Vermicomposting!


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This Friday, July 11th, join the Keep Austin Beautiful environmental education team for “Worm Wonders,” a hands-on, interactive exploration of worms and vermicomposting.  We will establish small-scale worm habitats that will transform food scraps into nutrient-rich soil. Composting is nature’s way of recycling organic materials.  By diverting food scraps from the landfill, we can help Austin meet its 2040 “Zero Waste Goal” of reducing the amount of “trash” sent to landfills by 90%!


Keep Austin Beautiful is a nonprofit organization, which provides resources and education to engage citizens in building more beautiful communities. Through its city-wide programming, Keep Austin Beautiful engages over 10,000 students and 20,000 volunteers annually in service learning opportunities. This engagement cultivates a pride of place and a sense of self; it empowers citizens to identify problems, find solutions, and take action.


Keep Austin Beautiful is proud to provide the “Worm Wonders” educational activity on behalf of Austin Resource Recovery.  Joining the education staff will be the Keep Austin Beautiful Green Teen high school interns, who have embraced the opportunity to teach younger children youth about sustainability practices like composting.  The Green Teens program is sponsored by a Dell Powering the Possible grant.


The “Worm Wonders” program will run from 10 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday, July 11th in our Kitchen Lab. Come and find out exactly why vermicomposting is so awesome. Also, The Thinkery would like to give a big thanks to Keep Austin Beautiful and Generation Zero/Austin Resource Recovery for making this program possible!

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