Our Amazing EdExchange Librarians


Happy National Library Week! We recently sat down with some of our amazing EdExchange Librarians participating in the 2018–2019 EdExchange program to talk with them about their experience and the skills they have gained. Learn more about our EdExchange educators and the impact the program has had on their students as they share memorable moments from their classroom.


Q: What inspired you to become a Librarian?

A: Mary Stewart: I realized after 4 1/2 years that the classroom was not the best fit for me. But I wanted to still be in a school, and I admired the librarians I worked with. I still teach but in a more informal way and I teach the whole campus – adults to children.


 Q: Describe one of your favorite moments during your EdExchange experience?

A: Mary Stewart When our narrative actually came together and the students were able to tell the story in sequence with their puppets!


Q: How has your EdExchange experience shaped the work you do?       

A: Mary Stewart: I feel more free to let go and have the finished product reflect the kids, and not me. Because learning is in the process!


Q: How has the program impacted your students?

Q: Can you share examples of moments where you noticed a growth in your students?

A: Mary Stewart: They can more easily paraphrase the action in a story. My students have good memories of having done the puppet show and would like to do one again.


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Thinkery’s EdExchange program is generously supported by:

Dell, Applied Materials, and National Instruments

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