Recap: Garage Sale at 201 Colorado


We gave the old Austin Children’s Museum building at 201 Colorado one last goodbye this past weekend with a public garage sale. The event turned out to be a bigger success than we could have even imagined, with an eager line ready to enter before we opened our doors at 8am! Funds raised went towards upcoming exhibits in the Thinkery.

garage-sale (2)
Garage sale shoppers scouring through old ACM treasures


One of our first sales of the day went to a younger ACM visitor, eager to specifically seek out one of the animals from our Pet Clinic veterinarian hospital in the former Global City exhibit. With a little bit of help from our volunteers and staff, she found just the one she was looking for, and she left a happy customer!

A happy customer with a successful find!
A happy customer with a successful find!

Throughout the day visitors bought items such as children’s and educational books, office supplies and furniture, housewares, exhibit pieces and equipment, shelving and more. Beyond raising money for the Thinkery, the sale was a deeply rewarding for our team, and we got to hear great stories from community members who sought out certain ‘treasures’ to buy.

Sue and her daughter- thank you volunteers!

Volunteers were a huge part of our success. Volunteers from Dell and our Museum Career Ladder youth program spent hours organizing items in preparation for the big sale. A group of National Charity League (NCL) members made the sale fun by enthusiastically greeting and assisting guests. NCL was established in 1925 and their mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships at philanthropic organizations committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experience. NCL volunteers like Sue and her daughter, were always ready with a smile and helpful hand. A big thanks to Dell and National Charity League!

It was a wonderful day, and a great way to say goodbye to 201 Colorado. We’ll see you at the Thinkery very soon!






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