Sensory Friendly Hours at Thinkery

Think Ahead - Sensory Friendly Hours
Photo by Dustin Girouard.
Member Child/Adult: $3
Non-Member Child/Adult: $5
Free breakfast tacos! Generously donated by El Cruz Ranch. Supplies limited—first-come, first-served

At Thinkery, we are committed to providing an accessible and interactive experience for ALL. During our Sensory Friendly Hours program, we extend a special invitation to learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or other special needs to explore, experience and discover Thinkery with their families. Our next Sensory Friendly Hours program will take place Sunday, April 30 from 8–10 am. Tickets may be purchased here!

A typical visit to Thinkery can be challenging for those who feel overwhelmed by large crowds and excessive stimuli. In acknowledgement of this, our galleries will be modified to reduce extra stimuli. Additionally, ticket sales are limited to reduce crowding.

And that’s not all—we’ll also have FREE breakfast tacos, generously provided by El Cruz Ranch, as well as fun activities for the entire family! Educators from Joshua’s Stage will join us for hands-on activities that will engage children of all ages and abilities, including making puppets, designing masks and improv fun.

Interested in attending our next Sensory Friendly Hours program on Sunday, April 30? Here are a few helpful resources to help you plan and prepare for your visit!

Thinkery Floor Map

Thinkery’s Sensory Friendly Pre-visit Guide – Primary Social Story “My Visit to Thinkery”

Thinkery’s Sensory Friendly Pre-visit Guide – Intermediate Social Story


Can my child’s therapist or other caregiver attend?
Yes! Therapists working with clients may accompany the family free of charge. No pre-registration required for therapists. Therapists please check-in at Admissions desk upon arrival.

Can my typically developing child attend too?
Yes! We understand that it can often be difficult for families with children of mixed abilities/ages to find activities that will keep everyone entertained. At Thinkery, families learn and play together and we have exhibits and activities that appeal to many. We invite you to bring the whole family!

What did you do to prepare for the event?
Our Sensory Friendly Hours are modeled after similar programs held at other museums, including the Houston Children’s Museum and Seattle Children’s Museums. We modeled our Social Narrative after one produced by the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexler University and have produced a special map for the event. To be sure we are implementing best practices we’ve consulted with therapists from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders and also consulted with The Autism Society of Texas.

When is the best time for a visit to Thinkery?
Weekends are generally busiest as are weekday mornings. Weekday afternoons are best and community night, from 4pm-8pm on Wednesdays is a great time to visit. You can always call ahead to find out if there is a school group or other big event on the day you plan to come.

I have other questions. Who can I ask?
For more info email Kate Moon at

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