STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend: June 17


Between school, homework, practice and spending time with loved ones, it’s easy to miss out on the latest in science, technology, engineering, art and math. But don’t worry, Thinkery’s got you covered. Here are some of our favorite family-friendly STEAM discoveries from the previous week. It’s fuel for your weekend.

Have you ever heard of paper marbling? An extremely elaborate artistic method, paper marbling involves floating colors on liquid and transferring the image to paper. Watch artist Garip Ay recreate Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” using this unique technique.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - A Mighty Girl

Need to add some STEAM to your summer reading list? Head on over to A Mighty Girl, an empowering website focused on raising smart, confident and courageous girls. Their blogs, carefully curated lists promoting a particular theme, are always a treat—and this week’s post is no exception. Their latest list, Science Is For Girls: 25 Books About Female Scientists, is required reading for readers of all ages and genders. See what made the cut!

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Photon
Photo credit: Photon.

Meet Photon, a robot created to inspire children and ignite a passion for coding. Designed by child psychologists, gamification specialists and user experience experts, Photon teaches programming through a fun coding language based on colorful blocks. Photon engages children through experimentation, logical thinking exercises and comic book learning. And it looks like a blast!

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Planet with Two Suns
Photo credit: NASA.

Astronomers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and San Diego State University recently discovered an exoplanet that orbits around two stars. While this isn’t the first exoplanet to exist within a double-star system, it is certainly the largest. The planet, known as Kepler-1647b, is roughly the size is Jupiter and takes 1,107 days to fully orbit its stars.

Due to the Kepler-1647b’s size, it’s unlikely to contain life. Still, we can’t help but be reminded of Luke Skywalker’s home planet, Tatooine.

STEAM to Fuel Your Weekend - Tatooine
Photo credit: Lucasfilms, Ltd.
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